A/PROF Robyn Woodward-Kron

A/PROF Robyn Woodward-Kron


  • Internationally qualified health professionals,
  • healthcare communication, intercultural communication (health literacy, learner health professional discourses, educational linguistics, systemic functional linguistics, genre)
  • language and communication in healthcare education, learning
  • workplace based assessment, learning



  • Associate Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron researches language and communication in healthcare and in health professionals' education. The purpose of her research is both to understand how language and communication enable healthcare as well as how health professional students learn through interactions.

    Robyn's role in the Department of Medical Education is Director of Research and Research Training. Her PhD is in educational linguistics and she has over 80 research and scholarly outputs. These include award winning multi-media resources for International Medical Graduates, and online resources for medical and health professional students. Current programs of research include trainee doctor and other learner health professions’ clinical communication, workplace-based learning in health professions' education, participation in clinical trials for culturally diverse populations, patient education and health literacy using communication technologies, and criteria for an English language test for internationally qualified health professionals.   


Member of

  • Association of Australian and New Zealand Health Professions Education. Member 2019 -
  • Communication, Medicine and Ethics. member 2019 -
  • European Association of Healthcare Communication. Member 2019 -
  • Institute for Communication in Healthcare. member 2016 -


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • Current
    2019. CALDER: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Ethics Resources. Woodward-Kron , Hajek, Phan, Parker, Story. Medical Research Future Fund (MACH). $10,400.
    2019. Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Teaching and Learning Seeding Grant. University of Melbourne. Learning and Teaching Clinical Communication in Health Professional Education for the 21st Century: A Faculty Wide Approach for Curriculum Renewal and Improved Graduate Outcomes. Woodward-Kron, Denniston, Barr, Wong.

    2017. Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand. Medical student clinical placements as sites of learning and contribution. Molloy, Lew, Woodward-Kron , Delany, Dodds, Lavercombe. $34,000.

    2016. Ethics and Integrity Development Grant Scheme, University of Melbourne. Let’s talk about medical research: Research equity for CALD older Australians. Woodward-Kron , Story, Knoch, Parker, Phan. $10,900.

    2015. Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society. Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Ethics and Research resources (The CALDER Pilot Study). Story, Knoch, Woodward-Kron , Phan, Parker. $31,554.

    2015. Vice-Chancellor's Staff Engagement Project Grants. Optimal Health: Improving community health literacy and engagement with a psycho-social education program. Castles, Moore, Woodward-Kron , Gray, Elliot, $9,950.

    2014-2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant: Towards improved quality of written patient records: language proficiency standards for nonnative speaking health professionals (3yrs). McNamara, Knoch, Woodward-Kron , Elder, Manias, Flynn, Zhang. $242,380 LP130100171.

    2013-2014 Melbourne Social Equity Institute. Reconceptualising and supporting disaster recovery as growth: informed by people affected by the    


Education and training

  • Grad Dip, University of Melbourne 2018
  • PhD, University of Wollongong 2003
  • MA(TESOL), University of Technology Sydney 1995
  • MA (English), University of New South Wales 1990
  • BA, University of Sydney 1985

Awards and honors

  • British Council Award, 2014
  • 2009 Vice-Chancellor's Knowledge Transfer Award, 2009
  • NSW Institue of Educational Research Award for Outstanding Researcher in 2003 (for my Phd studies), NSW Institute of Educational Research, 2004
  • Minor Bursary to attend International Systemic Functional Congress, International Systemic Functional Linguistic Association, 2002
  • Tertiary Technology Showcase section winner, Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing for the CD-ROM Academic Writing: A language ba, Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing, 2001
  • for PhD studies, Australian Postgraduate Award, 1999
  • M.A.K. Halliday Scholarship from the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, 1999



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I welcome opportunities to supervise graduate researcher projects on health professional education in clinical environments, healthcare communication, particularly projects that will investigate how language is used in healthcare settings to make meaning, to foster learning, and to enhance patient care. Currently the PhD candidates I supervise as both main and co-supervisor are from diverse healthcare backgrounds, including pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, and audiology. The projects draw mainly on qualitative approaches, including observations, with discourse analysis (functional and genre approaches) as a predominant analytical approach.