PROF Katherine Kedzierska

PROF Katherine Kedzierska


  • Viral immunology, T cell memory formation, influenza (Immunology)



  • Professor Katherine Kedzierska is the Head of the Human T cell Laboratory in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow Level B. Her principal area of expertise is viral immunology. She received her PhD from Monash University in 2002. Her PhD, performed at the Burnet Institute with Professor Suzanne Crowe, studied immunity to HIV infection and the mechanisms of disease pathogenicity. As an NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology with Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, Katherine undertook research into the key mechanisms underlying immunological T cell memory formation and persistence. Subsequently, as an NHMRC RD Wright Fellow, then an NHMRC CDF2 Fellow, Katherine has established her independent research on universal immunity to human influenza viruses.

    Katherine’s PhD work was recognised by the 2001 Premier’s Commendation for Medical Research, 2002 Monash University Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal and an NHMRC Peter Doherty Postdoctoral Fellowship to pursue her postdoctoral research with Laureate Professor Peter Doherty. In 2007, she was awarded an NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship and grant funding to establish her own research team. She is currently an NHMRC CDF2 Research Fellow and a group leader of the Human T cell Laboratory. Katherine was the recipient of the 2011 NHMRC Excellence Award and the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award and the 2016 Australian Academy of Science Jacques Miller Medal for Experimental Medicine. She is an Adjunct Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, China and a Co-Director of the Sino-Australia Joint Research Laboratory for the Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Research, Fudan-Melbourne University, located at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre.   


Member of

  • UoM. Faculty Executive Sub-committee, Research Committee 2018 -
  • Clinical & Translational Immunology. The Editorial Board of Clinical & Translational Immunology 2017 -
  • Immunology & Cell Biology. The Editorial Board of Immunology & Cell Biology 2017 -
  • TGA. Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee (AIVC) for TGA 2017 -
  • UoM. Dean's Research Mentor Group, Faculty of MDHS 2017 -
  • Doherty Institute. Co-Head, Indigenous Health, Doherty Institute 2016 -
  • Doherty Institute. Equity in Science Committee, Doherty Institute 2016 -
  • TGA. Immunology Expert for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines (ACPM) 2016 -
  • UoM. Research Committee, Department of Microbiology & Immunology 2016 -
  • UoM. School of Biomedical Sciences Human Ethics Advisory Group (SBS HEAG) 2016 -
  • UoM. Executive Committee, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, 2016 -
  • World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics. Editor, World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics 2016 -
  • Translational Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Editor, Translational Medicine and Infectious Diseases 2015 -
  • Doherty Institute. Chair, Peter Doherty Institute, Project Grant Mentoring Advisory Group (Immunology) 2014 -
  • Fudan-Melbourne University. Co-Director, the Sino-Australia Joint Research Laboratory for the Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Research Fudan-Melbourne University 2014 -
  • UoM. Steering Committee, The Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WiSPP) 2014 -
  • WAidid. Immunology Subgroup of World Association for Infection Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid) 2014 -
  • NHMRC. The NHMRC Grant Review Panel 2013 -
  • Scientific Advisory Committee. The Influenza Specialist Group, Scientific Advisory Committee 2013 -
  • UoM. B.SC (Hons) Degree Co-ordinator 2013 -
  • UoM. Project Grant, Departmental Mentoring Advisory Group 2013 -
  • NHMRC. The NHMRC Community Observers Working Committee 2012 -
  • Journal of Immunology. Editor of World Journal of Immunology 2011 -
  • Commonwealth. Member of the Influenza Vaccine Expert Panel established by the Commonwealth for the purpose of providing advise surrounding the 2010 influenza season 2010 -
  • Sigma. Convenor for the Sigma Life Science PhD Publication Award 2010 -
  • Victorian Premier’s Award. ASMR Liaison for the Victorian Premier’s Award for Medical Research 2010 -
  • Pfizer. Convenor for the Pfizer PhD Oration Award 2008 -
  • QIAGEN. Convenor for the QIAGEN PhD Achievement Award 2008 -
  • UoM. Co-convenor of the Seminar Series at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology 2008 -
  • UoM. Member of the Postgraduate Student Committee at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology 2008 -
  • ASMR. Member of the Organizing Committee for the ASMR Medical Research Week 2007 -
  • Australian Society of Medical Research. Full 2007 -
  • Victoria Premier's Award. Co-convenor for the Victorian Premier’s Award for Medical Research 2007 -
  • Victorian branch of Australian Society of Medical Research. Full 2007 -
  • Australasian Society for immunology. Full 2005 -


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2018-2019 Clifford Craig Research Trust; $40,000 Immunity to influenza viruses in children CIA Flanagan, K, CIB Kedzierska K

    2018-2019 CEIRS Option Grant; US $416,121 The effect of prior natural infection or vaccination (‘imprinting’) on subsequent response to influenza vaccine in children
    CIA Subarrao K, CIB Kedzierska K, CIC Fox A, CID Sullivan S

    2018 Endeavour Grant Proposals. The Welsh Government’s Ser Cymru initiative for hosting an international academic Prof Kedzierska at the Cardiff University.
    CIA Landell K, CIB Kedzierska K.

    2018 Melbourne Technology Accelerator Fund; $14,000 “Methods and compositions for preventing influenza infection” CIA Kedzierska K, CIB Koutsakos M

    2017-2019 One Health UoM-CSIRO PhD Project and Scholarship. $150,000 “Generation of protective immunity against severe influenza disease in Indigenous Australians”. CIA Kedzierska K, CIB Layton D, CIC Nguyen O, CID Bean A.

    2017-2020 NHMRC Project Grant APP1122524; $1,630,900 over 4 years “Generation of protective immunity against severe influenza disease in Indigenous Australians”. CIA Kedzierska K, CIB Tong S, CIC Miller A, CID Purcell A, CIE Gras S

    2016-2017 Doherty Internal Collaborative Grants Scheme $20,000 “Understanding immune and genetic risk factors of severe seasonal influenza disease in patients hospitalized at the Royal Melbourne Hospital”. CIA Kedzierska K, CIB Richards M, CIC Nguyen O, CID Barr I.

    2016-2017 Clifford Craig Research Trust; $177,204. “Clifford Craig Vaccine Trial Centre: Heterologous effect of diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccination on influenza vaccine challenge in the elderly.”CIA Flanagan, K, CIB Plebanski M, CIC Kedzierska K, CID Reynolds J, CIE Nkaya H, CIF Klein S.

    2015-2019 NHMRC Program Grant APP1071916; $13,617,890 over 5 years  “Limi   


Education and training

  • PhD, Monash University 2002
  • B. Sc. (Hons), Monash University 1996

Awards and honors

  • ASI Gordon Ada Travel Award ($3000), ASI, 2017
  • The Selwyn Smith Medical Research Prize ($6000), The Selwyn Smith, 2016
  • University of Melbourne Media Jackpot Award for media publicity Nat Comms, UOM, 2015
  • Australian Academy of Science Jacque Miller Medal for Experimental Medicine, Australian Academy of Science, 2015
  • Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award for Medicine and Medical Sciences, Scopus, 2011
  • CASS Foundation Travel Grant, CASS, 2008
  • Travel Award, CASS Foundation, 2006
  • Travel award, Australasian Society for immunology, 2005
  • Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash Iniversity, 2003
  • Best Poster Award, Alfred Hospital Research Week, Alfred Hospital, 2002
  • Premier's Commendation for Medical Research, Premier of Victoria, 2001
  • Best Oral Presentation Award, Australian Society for HIV Medicine, 2001
  • Travel Award, AMRAD, 2001
  • Travel Award, Monash University, 2001
  • Travel Fellowship, Roche, 2000
  • Student award, 12th Cancer Conference, Lorne, 12th Cancer Conference, 2000
  • Otto Basler Award, The Burnet Institute, 1997



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • 2017-2018
    Ludivine Grzelak
    Innate immunity to influenza viruses

    Maria Auladell
    Understanding immunity to seasonal influenza disease

    Luca Hensen
    Generation of protective immunity in Indigenous Australians

    XiaoXiao Jia
    Understanding T cell immunity to severe influenza disease

    William Horman
    Highly pathogenic influenza viruses

    Simone Nussing
    Molecular analysis of transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of antiviral CD8+ T cell immunity

    Marios Koutsakos
    CD8+ T cell responses to influenza B viruses

    Patricia Lee
    Influenza-specific B cell responses to the infection and vaccination

    Sneha Saint
    Understanding human CD8+ T cells in influenza infection

    Jesseka Chadderton
    Recruitment of CD8+ T cells into influenza infection

    Aurora Ytournel
    HLA-A24 restricted influenza responses

    Saili Gonzales
    Understanding human gamma-delta T cell immunity to influenza viruses

    Zoe Skeggs
    Multipanel analysis of cancer-specific CD8+ T cell responses

    Patricia Lee
    Innate and adaptive immunity in influenza infection
    Comparative analyses of lung viral titres

    Vimukthi Pathirajae
    Identification of beta-cell antigens recognized by human CD4+ and CD8+ Islet infiltrating T cells in type 1 diabetes

    Lauren Edgar
    Comparative analyses of lung viral titres

    2011- 2016
    Sergio Quinones-Para
    Emergence and transmission of escape variants in influenza infection

    2010- 2015
    Emma Grant