DR Julian Di Stefano

DR Julian Di Stefano




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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne
  • M.Envt.St., University of Melbourne 1999


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  • Current students

    Matt Swan (PhD): The influence of fire and environmental heterogeneity on ground-dwelling mammals

    Bronwyn Hradsky (PhD): Factors influencing small mammal diversity in the Otway Ranges: Interactions between fire and fox predation

    Carolina Galindez-Silva (PhD): Fire, resources and faunal behavioural responses

    Holly Sitters (PhD): Birds in fire-prone landscapes: The effects of environmental heterogeneity on functional connectivity
    Melinda Greenwood (PhD): Effects of fire on reproductive success, survivorship, dispersal and genetic diversity in south-east Australian mammals

    Gloria Maikano (Masters): Relative effects of heat and smoke on germination of seeds from heathy woodland and foothills forest soils

    Craig Mildwaters (BSc Hons): Predicting the effects of prescribed burning on native ground dwelling mammals

    Amber Fordyce (BSc Hons): The impact of prescribed fire on microhabitat selection of the bush rat, Rattus fuscipes

    Past students

    John Loschiavo (BSc Hons 2012): Comparing filed-based and remote-sensed methods for mapping a prescribed burn

    Luke Smith (BSc Hons 2010): Predicting habitat complexity using vegetation community, time since last fire and fire frequency

    Laura Owen (BSc Hons 2007): Habitat use by the Silky Mouse, Pseudomys apodemoides , and the influence of time since last fire