PROF Christopher Chantler

PROF Christopher Chantler


  • Atomic Physics & Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED tests, medium-Z, K-shell, Lyman alpha, Lamb shift, Vanadium characteristic spectrum, EBIT, Johann spectrometry, backgammon detectors)
  • Condensed Matter Physics & X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (Atomic form factors, photoelectron inelastic mean free path, thermal parameters, error propagation, XAFS, XANES, FDMNES)
  • Mammography, Catalysts, Quantum Mechanics and Analysis (Mammography, Catalysts, Quantum Mechanics, Analysis)
  • X-ray Optics & Synchrotron Science (X-ray Optics, Synchrotron, XAFS, XANES, Powder Diffraction, radiation shielding)
  • XERT, Hybrid, Amyloid beta, inelastic mean free paths, FDMX (XERT, Hybrid, Amyloid beta, FDMX)



Member of

  • Secretary and Steering Committee, International Commission on XAFS. Secretary of Steering Committee of the International Commission on XAFS 2009 -
  • International Scientific Advisory Committee, XVUV. Member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee, XVUV 2008 -
  • International Union of Crystallography International Commission on XAFS. Member of International Commission on XAFS 2008 -
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Physics. FAIP 2007 -
  • Australian X-Ray Analytical Association. Committee Member 2006 -
  • International Radiation Physics Society. Regional Vice-President (Oceania) 2006 -
  • International X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Society. Committee Member 2006 -
  • International Scientific Advisory Committee, Xray and Inner Shell Processes. Committee Member 2005 -
  • Institute of Physics UK. Full Member 2004 -
  • Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand. Committee Member 1999 -
  • Australian Optical Society. Councillor & Director 1996 -
  • Australian Optical Society News. Associate Editor 1995 -
  • American Institute of Physics. Full Member 1993 -
  • Optical Society of America. Full Member 1993 -
  • Australian Institute of Physics. Full Member 1992 -


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Education and training

  • DPhil, University of Oxford 1990
  • BSc, The University of Western Australia 1985

Awards and honors

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics, 2007
  • University of Melbourne / Age, 2007
  • JARI Enterprise Award by IRPS for Outstanding work in the radiation sciences, 2006
  • Guest Researcher Fellowship, National Institute for Standards & Technology, 1991
  • Lindemann Fellowship, Lindemann Fellowship for English Speaking Union Foundation, 1990
  • St Annes?s College Drapers? Company Junior Research Fellowship, St Anne's College Junior Research Fellowship, 1988
  • Hasselblad Foundation Research Assistantship, Hasselblad Foundation, 1987
  • Shell Australian Postgraduate Scholarship for Science and Engineering, Shell Australia Postgraduate Scholarship for Science and Engineering, 1984
  • Lady James Prize for Physical Science (shared), University of Western Australia, Lady James Prize (Physical Science), 1983
  • Digby-Fitzhardinge Memorial Prize for Physics , University of Western Australia, Digby-Fitzhardinge Memorial Prize for Physics, 1982



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • See Web and attached documents:

    Atomic Physics experiment and theory
    Condensed Matter experiment and theory
    Synchrotron science experiment and development
    X-ray optics experiment and theory
    XAFS, XERT, XAS, transmission and fluorescence
    EBIT and QED experiments