DR Stephanie Neville

DR Stephanie Neville


  • Host-pathogen interaction, Molecular Microbiology, Metallobiolgy



  • Stephanie Neville (née Begg) was awarded her PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Adelaide in 2016. Her PhD research investigated how the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae scavenges essential micronutrients, such as metal ions, from the human host. In 2017, Stephanie was a post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Christopher McDevitt, and in 2018, was awarded a NHMRC Peter Doherty Early Career Fellowship. In late 2018, Stephanie relocated to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the University of Melbourne to continue her fellowship research in the Chemical Biology of Bacterial Pathogens Laboratory. Stephanie's fellowship investigates the chemical biology of the host-pneumococcal interaction, with a particular focus on the modulation of metal ions by the human immune system to both starve and intoxicate invading bacteria.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, Adelaide University 2016

Awards and honors

  • NHMRC Fellowship, 2018