DR Hannah Middleton

DR Hannah Middleton


  • Gravitational wave data analysis
  • Pulsar timing arrays



  • We are working on looking for continuous gravitational waves - unlike the short gravitational wave signals we have seen so far from collisions of black holes and neutron stars, continuous waves are long signals which could come from rotating neutron stars. In collaboration with the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department, we are working on applying signal processing techniques to gravitational wave data analysis.

    For my PhD at the University of Birmingham in the UK, I was working on learning about massive black hole binaries using 'pulsar timing arrays'. This is where pulsars can be used as a galactic scale gravitational wave detector to search for gravitational waves from these enormous black hole binaries (which are millions of times the mass of our Sun).   


Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Birmingham 2017
  • MSci, The University of Birmingham 2013