PROF Uwe Aickelin

PROF Uwe Aickelin


  • Artificial Intelligence, Datamining, Optimisation, Modelling, Simulation



  • Professor Aickelin has worked for more than twenty years in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation and Datamining. He is particularly interested in the 'modelling' stages of problems with a focus on 'robustness'. During this time he has authored over 200 papers in leading international journals and conferences (Google citations 8000, H-index 48) and participated in over 100 international Conference Programme Committees. His YouTube videos on Datamining have been watched by more than 400,000 people. He has been an associate editor of the leading international journal in his field for ten years (IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation). Recently Computerphile has produced a number of clips about his work: Nuggets of Data Gold Illegal Immigration & the Known Unknowns How does GCHQ classify security? What is Machine Learning? Anti-Learning – So bad it’s good Why missing data is the most interesting   


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • In 2004, he won EPSRC's largest Adventure Grant (top 1% of national projects - EPSRC in the UK is equivalent to ARC in Australia).In 2007, he was awarded an Advanced EPSRC Fellowship ranking number 1 at the national panel (high-level five year fellowship). In total, Uwe has won over £ 5 million of EPSRC funding as Principal Investigator and over £ 20 million as Co -Investigator. From 2009-2013 he acted as a Strategic Advisor to EPSRC in the area of Artificial Intelligence, an appointment that was exceptionally renewed twice. Uwe has worked closely with China for many years, including being appointed as Visiting Professor at Shanghai Business School, Concurrent Professor at Fudan University in 2015 and the award of a Special Professorship at Shenzhen University in 2014.   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Wales, Swansea

Awards and honors

  • EPSRC Advanced Fellowship, 2007


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am looking to supervise research students in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation and Datamining, with a particular focus on the 'modelling' aspects.