DR Cristina Garduno Freeman

DR Cristina Garduno Freeman




  • Dr Cristina Garduño Freeman is an academic in the fields of heritage, architecture and digital media. Currently, she is working on several projects that focus on social value and place attachment of World Heritage properties and Industrial Heritage, including the Lovability Index, Hubcaps to Creative Hubs & CmyView. In her role as Postdoctoral Research Fellow within ACAHUCH at the University of Melbourne she is researching Digital Spolia: Modern Heritage, which theorises the re-use value of World Heritage sites of Modern Architecture using experimental preservation and new digital technologies. She has a forthcoming book titled Participatory Culture and the Social Value of an Architectural Icon: Sydney Opera House with Routledge, UK and in 2014 received the International Visual Sociology Association Rieger Award for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis. Her research work has been published in leading international journals (International Journal of Heritage Studies, Architectural Theory Review, and Historic Environment) as well as edited special issues and published The Conversation, Architecture Australia and The Architectural Bulletin. In 2016 she was awarded a Deakin Central Research Grant and ran a crowdfunding campaign through Research my World that reached 143% of its target. She is a graduate of the prestigious ‘Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program’, which led to a collaborative publication in Nexus: New Intersections in Internet Research. Dr Garduño Freeman was previously Lecturer and Course Director of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) at Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment and practices as a multidisciplinary designer within the creative collaboration Cottage Industries. Prior to entering academia she practiced professionally in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, and in visual communication design.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • Grad.Cert.High.Ed., Deakin University 2017
  • PhD, University of Technology Sydney 2013
  • B.Arch, University of Technology Sydney 2004
  • B.Arts (Arch), University of Technology Sydney 2002
  • B.Des, University of New South Wales 1996