DR Harriet Teare

DR Harriet Teare


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  • Dr Harriet Teare is a Research Fellow in healthcare and policy. She is interested in translational research and the role of patients and participants, focusing on issues surrounding the consent process and research governance, and how genomic sequencing will be implemented within the clinic.

    Harriet joined the Melbourne Law School in September 2017 to work alongside Professor Jane Kaye in establishing a research program focusing on law, governance and best practice in medical research. Harriet is specifically involved in projects relating to the implementation of improved consent mechanisms, such as dynamic consent, and engagement and involvement of patients and consumers.

    Harriet is the Deputy Director for the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at the University of Oxford, UK. She joined the team in 2012, and has contributed to a number of international projects, for example providing research governance and ethical support to the DIRECT project - an IMI JU funded collaboration exploring stratification in Type 2 diabetes; developing digital tools for engagement and consent in the RUDY study – a research network for rare diseases of the blood, bone and joints; and leading a work package focusing on consent in the Genetics Clinic of the Future – a Horizon 2020 project mapping the complex challenges that will need to be tackled to introduce genome sequencing more widely into the clinic.

    Harriet obtained a DPhil in Organic Chemistry from Merton College, Oxford, and previously worked as a senior policy adviser at Cancer Research UK, focusing on policy issues relating to science and research, and public health.   


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  • PhD, University of Oxford