DR Sebastian Thomas

DR Sebastian Thomas


  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation (Carbon, energy, and environmental management)
  • Marine and coastal ecosystems (Blue carbon, blue economy, social-ecological systems dynamics)
  • Socio-technical systems and transitions (Economics, policy, business strategy)
  • Sustainability science (Human-nature interactions, sustainable futures, learning for transition)



  • Dr Sebastian Thomas is a transdisciplinary researcher with a background in climate strategy, environmental management, and sustainability economics and policy. His work examines human-nature relations – the interconnected biophysical, economic, social, and policy dynamics of sustainability innovations, climate governance, and environmental governance. In the context of global change issues – including technology, climate and environment, new economic forces, social movements and conflicts, and resource constraints – he investigates how communities can connect to global economic and policy frameworks to achieve resilient and prosperous sustainability outcomes. His research interests include the blue economy, vulnerability and resilience, ‘blue carbon’ in coastal ecosystems and its role in sustainable development, ocean governance, energy transitions, and the role of educational innovation in adapting to global challenges. Dr Thomas is a lecturer in the Office for Environmental Programs, and affiliated with the Australia-Indonesia Centre, the Australian-German Climate and Energy College , the EU Centre for Shared Complex Challenges, and the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. He has extensive experience working in the Asia-Pacific as a business leader and research scientist. He currently coordinates Sustainability Governance and Leadership (MULT90004), and supervises Master's and PhD research students.Sebastian is a Prime Minister's Australia Asia Award winner (2011) and a Wentworth Group Scholar (2013). He welcomes enquiries from firms and NGOs seeking to enhance their strategic capabilities and innovation practices, and from prospective doctoral candidates interested in high impact applied research programs. More information can be found at the Sustainability Lab website www.sustainabilitysciencelab.com .   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Queensland
  • MEnvMan, The University of Queensland
  • BA, University of Sydney

Awards and honors

  • Australia-Indonesia Leaders Program, 2016
  • Wentworth Group Scholarship, 2013
  • Prime Minister's Australia-Asia Award, 2011



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am available for supervision of research projects in the areas of:
    • Sustainability governance - including environmental policy and economics, the blue economy, business strategy, carbon and energy management, and organisational change
    • Climate policy - including mitigation, adaptation, REDD+, and blue carbon
    • Social-ecological systems - including vulnerability and resilience, marine and coastal systems, participatory approaches, and ecosystem service valuation