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DR Yugeesh Lankadeva




  • Original Articles 1. Lankadeva YR, Kosaka J, Evans RG, Bailey SR, Bellomo R, May CN, Intra-renal and urinary oxygenation during norepinephrine resuscitation in ovine septic acute kidney injury, Kidney International, 2016, 90 (1): 100-8 2. Lankadeva YR, Booth LC, Kosaka J, Evans RG, Quintin L, Bellomo R, May CN, Clonidine restores pressor responsiveness to phenylephrine and angiotensin ii in ovine sepsis, Critical Care Medicine, 2015, 43, e221-9 3. Lankadeva YR, Singh RR, Moritz KM, Parkington HC, Denton KM, Tare M, Renal dysfunction is associated with a reduced contribution of nitric oxide and enhanced vasoconstriction after a congenital renal mass reduction in sheep, Circulation, 2015, 131, 280-288   


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