DR Yan Wong

DR Yan Wong


  • Bionic Eye (Vision processing, bionics, neuroengineering)
  • Brain-Machine Interfaces (Brain-computer interfaces, bionics, neuroengineering)
  • Systems Neuroscience (Motor planning, decision making, LFP, spike-field interactions)



  • Dr Yan Wong received his PhD for work towards the design and development of a vision prosthetic microchip and novel electrode organizations for current focusing from the University of New South Wales in 2009. For his postdoctoral work, he joined the Center for Neural Science at New York University studying the role of spike-LFP interactions in the Parietal cortex on movement planning, as well as developing a Brain Machine Interface for high-dimensional upper limb control. He is now a part of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department at the University of Melbourne and NVRI working on the development of neural prostheses and the understanding of neural circuit dynamics.   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • Post Doc, New York University
  • PhD, University of New South Wales 2008
  • BEng (Comp), University of New South Wales 2005
  • MEng (Biom), University of New South Wales 2005


Available for supervision

  • Y