DR Signe Ravn

DR Signe Ravn




  • Dr Signe Ravn is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Signe's research centres on the sociology of youth with a particular focus on drug use and risk, youth cultures and gender, vulnerable youth, and processes of marginalisation in youth transitions to adulthood.

    Signe's research also contributes to the further development of qualitative research methods. She has extensive experience with conducting interviews and focus groups and works with visual and creative methods such as photo elicitation, life charts and drawings in her research.

    Signe is currently on an ARC DECRA fellowship (2017-2019). This qualitative, longitudinal research project examines the everyday lives and imagined futures of young girls who have left the mainstream school system before finishing Year 12. The project is based in the sociology of youth and engages with key questions about how youth transitions are shaped in times of social change by exploring micro-processes of marginalisation, temporality and subjectivity with a particular focus on relations to place and belonging. Read more about this project here: http://blogs.unimelb.edu.au/girls-growing-up/

    Signe has published her research in a number of high-ranking international journals such as Sociology of Health & Illness, Social Science & Medicine, British Journal of Sociology of Education, Journal of Youth Studies and Men & Masculinities. She also publishes in Danish language books from time to time and has disseminated her research findings through a number of talks and presentations to professionals working with vulnerable youth, drug treatment etc.

    Signe is an Associate Editor on the Journal of Youth Studies, and an Associate Editor for Qualitative and Social Research for the International Journal of Drug Policy. She is a member of the Narrative Criminology Research Network, an international network based in Oslo, Norway.   


Member of

  • ESA - The European Sociological Association. Member of RN20 (Qualitative Methods) and RN30 (Youth & Generation) 2015 -
  • Danish Corps of External Examiners in Sociology. Appointed member of the Danish Corps of External Examiners in Sociology 2014 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, Aarhus University 2012
  • MSc, Copenhagen University 2007
  • Bsc, Copenhagen University 2004

Awards and honors

  • Sapere Aude 'Young Elite Researcher' grant, Danish Council for Independent Research, 2013


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am interested in supervising theses researching youth with a focus on transitions, marginalisation, risk/risk-taking, gender or identities. I work with a range of qualitative methods.