DR Lesley Gray

DR Lesley Gray


  • Bacterial genomics, phylogenetics, next-generation sequencing
  • Bioinformatics, systems biology, lactation biology, genomics, biological pathways, statistics, dairy cattle, GWAS



  • Lesley is a biological sciences graduate and has completed her honours in genetics from LaTrobe University. Her honours was completed in the Mitchell lab studying the population and molecular genetics of taste sensitivity gene TAS2R43 in populations from Greece, Russia and South-East Asia. In 2010 Lesley commenced her PhD in the computational biology group at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries under the supervision of Prof. Benjamin Cocks and Assoc. Prof. Ben Hayes. This bioinformatics and systems biology project involved identifying genes for lactation improvement in dairy cattle. Her skills include GWAS, novel methods for analysis of biological pathways and target gene fine mapping. During this time she also gained laboratory skills, experience in science business and communication expertise through employment at Florigene flowers, the Small Technologies Cluster and as a demonstrator and tutor at LaTrobe University. Currently Lesley is researching the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes in bacteria, one of the top international WHO concerns, as well as the genetic factors underlying rheumatic heart disease in indigenous populations. These projects involve a range of bioinformatic techniques not limited to phylogenetics, network analyses, GWAS, meta-analyses and candidate gene fine-mapping.   



Education and training

  • PhD, La Trobe University 2014
  • BBSci, La Trobe University 2008



Available for supervision

  • Y