DR Aleks Deejay

DR Aleks Deejay


  • Futures-thinking and technological imaginaries (foresight, futures-thinking, technological futures, critical theory)
  • Policy and regulation of new and emerging technologies (policy, discourses, anticipatory governance, foresight governance, innovation, design, immersive technology, enabling technology)
  • Politics and IR pedagogy (active learning, gaming and simulation, technology)



  • Aleks Deejay is the research coordinator for The Policy Lab. Aleks’s research explores the interaction between civil society and technology, and he is specifically interested in innovative activism, the political visibility of marginalised actors and communities, and the culture and politics surrounding digital and other emerging technologies. He received his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2016, where his dissertation examined the digital-visual semiosis of protest movements. Prior to starting at The Policy Lab, Aleks worked as a lecturer in International Relations and on pedagogical studies examining active learning in tertiary education.   


Education and training

  • PhD, 2016