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MS Jane Nursey




  • Jane is a Clinical Neuropsychologist. She currently holds the position of Director, Centenary of ANZAC Professional Support Service at Phoenix Australia. Jane has 25 years’ experience in the public hospital and not-for-profit sectors as a Senior Clinician, Manager and Director of programs, working with groups and individuals across the lifespan in both acute and mental health services. She has expertise in the development and implementation of clinical service programs; policy and service development advice to government and industry; and development and implementation of knowledge transfer programs to assist government, clinical services and industry apply best practice support to staff and clients suffering from trauma related mental health issues. Jane has worked extensively with adults, children and adolescents presenting with a range of trauma-related mental health disorders, including veterans and members of the defence force, police, fire and ambulance officers, as well as victims of childhood abuse, sexual assault, acquired brain injury, and disaster survivors. Following the 2009 Victorian bushfires, Jane played a leading role in the development and implementation of a state-wide clinical and psychosocial recovery advisory and support service for bushfire-affected communities. Jane has extensive experience in developing and implementing training programs for mental health providers, community members and high risk industry workforces on identifying and managing trauma related mental symptoms and disorders. She has sat on numerous state government and hospital based advisory groups responsible for developing innovative programs and improving service delivery in both child and adolescent and adult health and mental health services. Jane’s research interests are in the field of the neurobiology and neuropsychology of trauma and trialling innovative treatments that target deficits in these areas which underlie many of the symptoms of trauma related mental   


Member of

  • Australian Society from Traumatic Stress Studies. Member ASTSS 2010 -
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Member ISTSS 2010 -
  • International Neuropsychological Society. Member INS 1996 -
  • APS College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Fellow of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists 1994 -
  • Australian Psychological Society. Member APS, 1988 -


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • Funding/Grants:
     Nursey, J. (2017) Review of Trauma Support for Victoria Police Special Operations Group. Victoria Police ($23,540)  Nursey, J & Forbes, D. (2017) AFL. Assessment of Mental Health Associated with Post-Concussion Syndrome in Retired AFL Players. ($57,500).  Nursey, J (2017). Department of Immigration and Border Protection. ($89,000)  Nursey, J. (2016) Department of Immigration and Border Protection. ($47,513)  Nursey, J., Cash, R, Forbes, D. (2016). Content Development for Smart Phone Mental Health and Wellbeing App. Victoria Police. ($24,000)  Nursey J, Forbes, D., Fitzgerald, P., Hopwood, M., McFarlane, A., Cooper, J. (2015) Defence Health Foundation Grant for Medical Research. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Theta Burst Stimulation as a Treatment for PTSD in an Australian Veteran Population. ($50,000).  Gibbs, L., Forbes, D., Gallagher, C., Nursey, J., Snowden, E., block, K. (2015) Teachers Health Foundation Grant for Medical Research. Building teacher and school capacity to cope with trauma impacts on children. ($250,000) • Nursey, J (2015) Trauma Informed Care Capabilities for Mental Health Frontline Staff Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers $50,000
    • Nursey, J, Phelps, A, Couineau AL &Lloyd D. (2015). Veteran Mental Health WOrkfore Capability Analysis. Department of Veteran Affairs. $291,000
    • Nursey, J (2015) Australian Rotary Health ANZAC PhD Scholarship. Enhancing PTSD Treatment Outcomes in Veterans Through Cognitive Remediation Training. $29,000
    • Nursey, J & Phelps A (2014) Trauma Management Training Package $27,000. Australian Broadcasting Commission
    • Phelps, A., Nursey, J., Cooper, J. , O’Donnell, M. (2014) Review of Mental Health Clinical Programs. $330,000. Department of Veteran Affairs
    • Phelps, A., Cash .R., Nursey, J. (2013). Development of Trauma Awareness Implementation Package. $175,000. Tracksafe Foundation
    • Nurs   


Education and training

  • BBSc, La Trobe University
  • MPsych, La Trobe University
  • GDACP, University of Melbourne