DR Roberta Trape

DR Roberta Trape


  • Australian Travel to Italy, Italian-Australian cultural studies, Contemporary narratives of Italy in the world



  • Roberta Trapè completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Florence. She holds a PhD in English and American Studies from the University of Florence (Contemporary Australian Writing inspired by Italy). She worked as a lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Department of French, Italian and Spanish Studies for five years. She has been working extensively at the theme of Australian travel to Italy in contemporary Australian fiction and non-fiction. She has also written on notions of space in narrating history (“Introduzione alla «spatial history» di Paul Carter” in Ornella de Zordo (ed.), Saggi di Anglistica e Americanistica. Temi e prospettive di ricerca, Firenze University Press, 2009). She is currently resident in Italy.
    Her most recent publications are: her book Imaging Italy Through the Eyes of Contemporary Australiam Travellers (1990-2010), (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011); ‘Images of Italy in Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily’, in F. Fantaccini, O. De Zordo (eds.), Studi di Anglistica e Americanistica. Percorsi di ricerca (Firenze University Press, 2013); ‘Italy Through the Eyes of Contemporary Australian Travellers: from Jeffrey Smart and Shirley Hazzard to Robert Dessaix and Peter Robb’ in L’immagine dell’Italia nelle letterature angloamericane e postcoloniali, volume published with the contribution of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Turin, (Torino: Trauben edizioni, 2014); ‘Travel Ideals in Food: ‘Cooking up an ideal(ised) Italy in contemporary American middlebrow films’, in Gemma Blackwood and Andrew McGregor (eds) Travel Ideals in Film (Bern; New York; Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016).
    She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, School of Languages and Linguistics. She was awarded the Macgeorge Fellowship to visit the School of Languages, University of Melbourne  in 2015.




Selected publications


Education and training

  • Dr, University of Florence 2010
  • MA Hons, University of Florence 1990

Awards and honors

  • 2015 Macgeorge Fellowship, University of Melbourne, 2014