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DR Chandra Angle


  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Multiphase Systems (emulsions, slurries,solid/liquid separations)
  • Mature fine tailings, clays,sludges dewaterability,rheology, (compressive and shear rheology, surface properties)
  • bitumen and heavy oil emulsions and films (langmuir films)
  • colloid and interfacial phenomena, turbulent flow-emulsification,demulsification (interfacial rheology emulsions)
  • interfacial rheology of crude oil and bitumen emulsions (dilational viscoelasticity, BAM, Langmuir films)
  • physicochemical properties of dolomites and bitumen (tailings clay-organic complexes)


Member of

  • Chemical Institute of Canada. CSChE member, CIC member 1989 -


Education and training

  • Certificates, University of Alberta 2009
  • PhD, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology 2004
  • Certificate, 1994
  • Certificate, McMaster University 1992
  • Certificate, Lehigh University 1992
  • MSc, University of Alberta 1989
  • Certificate, University of Bristol 1985
  • BSc Hons, University of Alberta 1975

Awards and honors

  • Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal of achievement for outstanding Scientific R&D for Public Good and Service, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of Canada and UK, 2012
  • Excellence in Service Award, 1997



Available for supervision

  • N

Supervision Statement

  • Mentored over 90 Science and Engineering students and post graduates fellows. Substantial continued lifelong professional training and development in several areas of leadership, management and technical arena