A/PROF Thomas Oxley

A/PROF Thomas Oxley


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  • Dr Thomas Oxley is a vascular neurologist and world expert in endovascular bionics. Dr Oxley completed both internal medicine and neurology residency in 2013 at the Royal Melbourne and Alfred Hospitals, Melbourne, Australia. In 2015 he competed a stroke fellowship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and was an investigator in the EXTEND-IA trial that demonstrated the paradigm-shifting efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of stroke, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. He is currently undertaking an endovascular neurosurgery fellowship under international field leaders Dr J Mocco and Dr Alejandro Berenstein at Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, New York City. Dr Oxley is the current laboratory head of the Vascular Bionics Group, and commenced a PhD in neural engineering in 2012 at the University of Melbourne. During his PhD he raised $4.8 million dollars in funding from US and Australian governments, for the development of a novel stent electrode (stentrode) neural interface. This included substantial funding from the US defense organization DARPA. In February 2016 the breakout scientific report of the technology was published in Nature Biotechnology (IF 41).

    His research laboratory at the University of Melbourne includes two post-docs, two research engineers, three PhD students and four honours students. The lab collaborates across 16 departments including medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, engineering, physics and pathology. Dr Oxley has published 17 internationally peer reviewed articles that have accumulated 1527 citations, with an H Index of 9. The research group is working towards a first-in-human clinical trial at the Royal Melbourne Hospital of a pioneering minimally invasive brain-machine interface technology for the thought-control of electronic devices including exoskeletons for patients with paralysis due to spinal cord injury.

    Alongside Dr Nicholas Opie, Dr Oxley continues to man   


Member of

  • American Society for Neuroradiologists. Member 2016 -
  • American Academy of Neurology. Member 2015 -
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Member 2015 -
  • American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics. Member 2014 -
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology (ANZSNR). Member 2014 -
  • Society for Vascular and Interventional Neurology. Member 2010 -
  • Stroke Society of Australia. Member 2010 -
  • Australian New Zealand College of Neurologists. Member 2007 -
  • Royal Australian College of Physicians. Member 2007 -


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Additional Grant Information

  • Title: Intravascular Neural Interface Design Co-investigators: Oxley T, O’Brien T, Burkitt A, Grayden D, Mitchell P, Opie N Funding source: Reliable Neural Interface Program, DARPA, USA DoD 2012-2013 Period: 2012-2013 Amount: $772,325.44

    Title: Commercial Exploration: Intravascular Brain-Computer Interface for Prosthetic Limb Co-investigators: O’Brien T, Oxley T, Grey Innovation Funding source: Research Collaboration Grant, University of Melbourne, 2012 Period: 2013 Amount: $20,000.00

    Title: Characterisation of Nitinol for Fabrication of Intravascular Stent Electrode for Novel Brain-Machine Interface Co-investigators: Opie N, Oxley T Funding source: Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Materials Institute, University of Melbourne Period: 2012 Amount: $30,000.00

    Title: Proof of Concept for Minimally-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation Co-investigators: Oxley T, O’Brien T, Grayden D, Opie N Period: 2013 Funding source: Brain Foundation Amount: $40,000.00

    Title: Proof of Concept for Minimally-Invasive Endovascular Brain-Machine Interface for Robotic Limb Control Co-investigators: Oxley T, Burkitt A, Davis S, Grayden D, May C, Mitchell P, Horne M, Opie N Funding source: National Health and Medical Research Council, Project Grant Period: 2014-2018 Amount: $1,651,685.70

    Title: Signal Processing for Novel Brain-Machine Interface for Robotic Limb Control Co-investigators: Oxley T, O’Brien T, Grayden D, Opie N Funding Source: Defence Health Foundation Period: 2014-2015 Amount: $154,823.00   


Education and training

  • BMedSc (Hons), Monash University 2005
  • MBBS (Hons), Monash University 2005

Awards and honors

  • SMART 100 companies, 2016
  • International Brain Computer Interface Award Finalist, 2016
  • Premier’s Award (Victoria) for Health and Medical Research (PhD) commendation, 2016
  • Winner, MTGT Entrepreneurial Accelerator, 2013
  • NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship, 2013
  • Warren Haynes Fellowship in Neurology, 2013
  • Leslie Eric Paddle Scholarship in Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne, 2012



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Supervision Statement

  • Please contact me if you wish to consider a PhD in vascular neural bionics