DR Michelle Hall

DR Michelle Hall




  • Dr Michelle L Hall completed her PhD at the Australian National University in 2001. She then moved to Cornell University in the USA for a postdoctoral position in the Lab of Ornithology (2002-2005), and during this time conducted research in Costa Rica. From 2006-2010, she was a postdoctoral researcher with the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, conducting research in the remote Kimberley region of northern Australia. In 2011, she commenced a research position at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests range broadly across ecology and evolution, with a focus on animal behaviour and communication strategies. She has particular strengths in ornithological research, using field observations and experiments, bioacoustic and molecular analyses, and statistical modelling to test hypotheses about animal behaviour.   


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  • 2017 NZ$300 000 (3 years). Marsden Fund (New Zealand). The heart of song; understanding the origins of vocal learning using New Zealand’s missing link, the titipounamu or rifleman. To: KE Cain (University of Auckland) & ML Hall (University of Melbourne). 2017/8 AU$10 000. Australian Academy of Science. Fenner Conference on the Environment: Urban Sustainability and Conservation. To: T Jones, A Hahs, ML Hall, K Parris. 2015 AU$5300. International Research & Research Training Fund, University of Melbourne. "Quantifying individual variation in behaviour: mixed effect modelling approaches." Research Visit by Prof Niels Dingemanse & Dr Yimen Araya Ajoy. To: ML Hall & RA Mulder. 2014 AU$43 790 (3 years).  Australia & Pacific Science Foundation. Function of colourful plumage and song in female lovely fairy-wrens. To: RA Mulder (UoM), ML Hall (UoM), K Delhey (Monash University). 2013 NZ$826 087 (3 years). Marsden Fund (New Zealand). Untangling genes and culture: sex-based song traditions in New Zealand bellbirds. To: D Brunton Massey University (MU), NE Langmore (Australian National University), ML Hall (University of Melbourne), S Baillie (Dalhousie University), Dr Kevin Parker (MU), Dr Luis Ortiz-Catedral (MU). 2012 AU$41 500 (3 years).  Australia & Pacific Science Foundation. Vocal learning in a highly promiscuous Australian songbird. To: ML Hall   


Education and training

  • PhD, Australian National University 2001
  • BSc, Australian National University 1992