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Additional Grant Information

  • Selected UK research awards 2009. ESRC seminar series: Collaborative Futures with UWIC, Aston, Manchester and Strathclyde universities, November 2009 July 2011 2009. NHS SDO bid ýHealth and social care commissioning with J Glasby, H Dickinson and S Jeffares, 299,000 over 2 years from July 2009 2007. Overarching evaluation of Local Area Agreements, Local Strategic Partnerships and the wider policy framework, 2007-2010. with Warwick Business School, UWE, Liverpool John Moores, OPM and SQW. Funded by CLG, ý1,200,000 2006. The democratic anchorage of governance networks in three European countries, 2006-8, with Chris Skelcher, INLOGOV and collaborators in Erasmus University, Netherlands and Roskilde University, Denmark, Funded by ESRC, ý211,000 2005. Evaluation of the Welsh Community Planning Process, with Swansea University, INLOGOV and UWE. Funded by Welsh Assembly Government, ý70,000 2003. Evaluating changes in community leadership, principal investigator. Part of the overarching evaluation of the Local Government Modernisation Agenda, 2003-2008 led by Cardiff Business School. Funded by ODPM/CLG, UK Government. ý70,000 2003. National evaluation of the Well Being powers, 2003-2007, with INLOGOV and UWE. Funded by ODPM/CLG, UK Government,518,000 2003. ESRC seminar series, 2003-2005 Accountability in a new institutional environment 2002. National evaluation of Local Public Service Agreements, 2002-2007, with OPM, UWE and Cardiff University. Funded by ODPM/CLG, UK Government, ý1,375,000 2000. National evaluation of Health Action Zones , 2000-2002, with University of Glasgow, Birmingham University, London Queen Mary University. Funded by the Department of Health, UK Government, ý800,000 2000. ESRC funded study of Power, Participation and Political Renewal as part of the ESRCs Democracy and Participation Research Programme, 2000-2002,with Marian Barnes and Janet Newman. Funded by ESRC, 158,168.