DR Hong Phuc Vu

DR Hong Phuc Vu


  • Geological CO2 Storage, Aqueous Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Crystallisation Processes, and Environmental Microbiology



  • Dr Hong Phuc Vu received his PhD in Geochemistry from the University of Leeds in 2010. During his PhD, he used state of the art techniques such as synchrotron based techniques to undertake research on the use of iron oxides to immobilise/remove contaminants via adsorption and co-precipitation with potential applications to environmental remediation. In November 2010 Dr Vu was granted McKenzie Fellowship at the University of Melbourne. He joined the University of Melbourne in June 2011 to conduct research on interactions among cyanide species, bacteria and iron oxide minerals. Since December 2014, he joined the Peter Cook Centre for CCS Research, University of Melbourne, investigating the impact of co-injected gases on reservoir water quality.   


Member of

  • Geochemical Society. Registered member 2008 -
  • Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Registered member 2007 -


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • Dr Vu has attracted research funding from national and international sponsors including the UK Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (2006-2009), the McKenzie Fellowship (mid 2011 - mid 2014) and the Melbourne Early Career Researcher Grant (2012). In addition, he has been awarded several traveling and conference scholarships such as the Student Travel Bursaries granted by the Geochemical Society and the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Leeds 2010
  • MSc, University of Leeds 2005

Awards and honors

  • Early Career Researcher Grants 2012, University of Melbourne, 2011



Available for supervision

  • Y