DR Valentina Colombo

DR Valentina Colombo


  • Environmental Toxicology (Laboratory Standard Bioassays)



  • PROFILE I completed my undergraduate and master degree with a focus on ecotoxicology at the Freie Universitaet in Berlin (Germany). I did my Master’s Thesis at the German EPA focussing on “Structural changes in a macrozoobenthos assemblage after imidacloprid pulses in aquatic field-based microcosms”. In 2015 I was awarded the PhD in aquatic ecotoxicology at the University of Melbourne/CAPIM (PhD thesis: Optimising new approaches in aquatic ecotoxicology). During my studies I have worked as a research assistant and tutor and I have accumulated experience on a wide range of toxicity tests and species (insects, molluscs, crustaceans, and algae). In 2015 I begun working as Laboratory Manager of the Freshwater Laboratory at CAPIM and research fellow. As Laboratory Manager, my duties and responsibilities include organising the daily activities, supervising the laboratory technicians, completing administrative duties, acting as an advisor to research fellows, project managers, and students, managing toxicity tests and preparing technical reports. RESEARCH My research interests are focussed on: (i) the development and improvement of new test methodologies with various aquatic organisms; (ii) the investigation and evaluation of new, suitable test organisms and traits in order to assess the impact of chemicals and pollutants on aquatic ecosystems. My aim is to establish standard test methodologies for regulatory frameworks.   


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  • MsSc,
  • Dr, University of Melbourne
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