PROF Saman Halgamuge

PROF Saman Halgamuge


  • Biomedical Engineering (Neural Engineering, Gate analysis, Metabolomics, Metagenomics, Cancer Data Anlytics and Neural Engineering)
  • Data Engineering (Unsupervised Deep Learning and Hardware based data interrogation)
  • Mechatronics (Networked Control and Smart Grids)



  • Saman Halgamuge has been appointed as Director/Head, Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University since August 2016.
    He remains associated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne in an honorary capacity. 

    He is an IEEE Fellow and a member of Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Experts for Engineering, Information and Computing Sciences.  He was the Director of the PhD training centre Melbourne India Postgraduate Program (MIPP) of University of Melbourne and contributed as Associate Dean (2013-15) and Assistant Dean (2008-13) in International Engagement in the School of Engineering. He is also a member of various International advisory committees including Research Advisory Council of University of Technology PETRONAS.
    Professor Halgamuge’s research interests are in Data Engineering including Active data gathering sensor systems,  Unsupervised Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics focusing on applications in Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering. These applications vary from Sensor Networks in Irrigation, Smart Grids, and Sustainable Energy generation to Bioinformatics and Neuro-Engineering.

    Since arriving in Australia in 1996, Professor Halgamuge has obtained research grants totalling over $8.3 million. These grants include funds worth $4.3 million from 17 Australian Research Council grants (4 Discovery projects and 8 Linkages) and 2 NHMRC project grant, local and European industry, contracts and grants from other research funding agencies and large scale ARC network and infrastructure grants worth about $4 million. He has completed supervision of 35 PhD students and currently supervises a group of 11 PhD students. He published over 250 research papers including a research book, 5 edited books, 20 book chapters, 90 journal articles, and over 130 refereed conference papers attracting 7300 Google Schola   


Member of

  • Specialty Co-Editor (Mechatronics), Frontiers Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Associate Editor of Editorial Board of Journal Softcomputing 2015 -
  • Associate Editor - Editorial Board of Journal BMC Bioinformatics. Associate Editor - Editorial Board of Journal BMC Bioinformatics 2010 -
  • Associate Editor- Editorial Board of Journal Control and Intelligent Systems. Associate Editor- Editorial Board of Journal Control and Intelligent Systems 2007 -
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 2005 -


Selected publications


Investigator on

Additional Grant Information

  • 2016: S. K. Halgamuge, G Narasillio, S. Dustall...., "Control the Grid or be Controlled", AIC Strategic Research grants, $80k

    2014: S.K. Halgamuge, A.L. Hsu, I. Saeed, S.L Tang and M. Niranjan, "Near-unsupervised computational methods for exploring "omic" data" , ARC DP,  $266.3k

    2014: S. K. Halgamuge, B. Chang, A.L. Hsu, I. Saeed, P. Walker, J. Li and S.K. Tang, "Discovering Patterns using Near Unsupervised Leaning to Support the Quick Detection of New Animal Disease Outbreaks Caused by Viruses", ARC LP, $243.7k

    2013: A. Stewart, S. Londrigan, J. Douglass, G. L. Campos and S. Halgamuge "Why viral infection limits effectiveness of anti-asthma drugs"', NHMRC, $597k

    2013: S. Halgamuge, M Ashokkumar, B. Harley, P. Bhalla, U. Parampalli and T.K. Chan &Melbourne India Postgraduate Program"', $300k

    2012: R. P. Gamage ....M. Sandiford, R. Webster...S. Halgamuge.... "An advanced, macro scale, hydro-thermo-mechanical testing chamber for sustainable deep geological applications"', ARC LIEF $950k

    2011: S. Halgamuge, H. Watson, R. Crawford, C. Biggs, M. Ashokkumar and S. Maheswararajah, 'TRIGEN: A holistic approach for optimised usage of heating, cooling and electricity for bulk energy consumers', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), University of Melbourne, $50K

    2010: S. Halgamuge, K. Steer, DTM Lau, S. Maheswararajah and J. Atalelage, 'Optimization in wireless sensor networks', Group of Eight & DAAD Australian-German Research Cooperation Scheme with University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany, University of Melbourne, $20K

    2008: S. Halgamuge, 'Optimisation of grid interfaces to wind energy plants', Group of Eight & DAAD Australian-German Research Cooperation Scheme with Magdeburg University, Germany, University of Melbourne, $30,100

    2008: S. Halgamuge,   


Education and training

  • PhD, Darmstadt University Of Technology 1995
  • MSc, Darmstadt University Of Technology 1990
  • BSc, University of Moratuwa 1984

Awards and honors

  • Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 2017
  • U21 Fellowships for his capacity to inspire, extend and enthuse their students., Universitas 21 Fellowships, 2013
  • DYASON Fellowship 2013-2014, University of Melbourne, 2013
  • Leadership Prize (5 awarded world-wide), World Congress on Neural Networks, 1995
  • To study Dipl.Ing. at TU Darmstadt, WUS Deutschland, 1986



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • Current PhD students work on Optimization of Smart Grids, Networked Control Systems, Triple Energy Generation, Dara Centres and Irrigation Sensor Networks and Pattern Recognition applied to Metagenomics, Metabolomics and Cancer data in Bioinformatics.

    I am interested in new research students in Optimization Landscape Characterization, Smart Grid Optimization and Bioinformatics.

    Previous PhD students with highly cited/ high impact publications include:
    Dr Asanga Ratnaweera (Among the most cited papers in the last 10 years (ISI ESI), Dr Damminda Alahakoon (among the most cited papers in the last 10 years, ISI-ESI (2000-09), Dr Genevieve Coath, Dr Arthur Hsu, Dr Bill Chang, Prof Ravi Koggalage, Dr Kenneth Chan, Dr Waratt Rattasiri, Dr Abdul Baten, Dr Azharul Karim, Dr Siddeswara Guru, Dr Isaam Saeed (Published within the top 20 high impact journals, Google Scholar), Dr Suhinthan Maheswararajah and Dr Jason Li.

    ISI-ESI = Institute for Scientific Information- Essential Science Indicators