DR Nicole Tse

DR Nicole Tse


  • Conservation of Paintings (Tropical Climates)
  • Non-invasive analysis of cultural materials (Museum and non museum environments)



  • Dr Nicole Tse is part of the teaching and research team at The Centre of Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne. From 2010 to 2012, Tse was awarded an Australian Research Council Postdoctorate Fellowship at the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation investigating The Twentieth Century in Paint . This major research initiative combined the expertise of conservation, art history, materials science, chemistry, curatorial studies and heritage management and involved ten collaborating institutions, nine researchers and four PhD students across six countries. On the project Nicole continued to investigate research questions raised as part of her PhD thesis on The Characterisation of Oil Paintings in Tropical Southeast Asia submitted in 2008, an interdisciplinary project focusing on the technical, archival, documentary and scientific examination of oil paintings from five institutions in tropical Southeast Asia. The study addressed a number of questions about the production and conservation of Southeast Asian paintings that used Western art materials and techniques.

    Dr Nicole Tse is interested in cultural materials conservation in tropical climates. Protocols for the conservation of our cultural record are largely derived from research undertaken in the Northern Hemisphere. Tse's research aims to develop regionally relevant conservation solutions based on the unique materials and techniques identified in works of art in Southeast Asia and their deterioration mechanisms according to tropical climatic conditions. Since 1999, Tse has shown a strong commitment to materials conservation issues in Asia evident from her area of research and has also delivered a number of training workshops, research projects and diplomatic assignments in South East Asia. She is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Network (APTCCARN).   


Member of

  • Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Research Network (APTCCARN). Founding Member 2008 -
  • ICOM Committee for Conservation. Member 2007 -
  • Australian Institute for Conservation. Member 1994 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2010
  • B. App. Sc., University of Canberra 1997
  • B.Ed. (Visual Arts), University of Melbourne 1992

Awards and honors

  • 2013 Endeavour Executive Award (DIISRTE), 2012
  • ARC Post Doctorate Fellowship, 2009
  • Travel Grant, Ian Potter Foundation, 2006
  • Australia Endeavour Cheung Kong Award, 2005
  • Australia Postgraduate Award (Industry), Australia Research Council, 2002
  • Cultural Centre of the Philippines, Asialink Arts Management Residency, 1999



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