DR Anna Ryan

DR Anna Ryan




    • Anna is a Medical Educator with clinical experience in both Medicine (predominately Emergency Department work) and Chiropractic.  In addition to her clinical qualifications she has a number of educational qualifications and PhD in Medical Education.

      Anna is co-located in Parkville and at the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg.  She is involved in teaching and research at both sites and in addition serves on the MD Assessment Committee, the Medical Education Human Ethics Research Group, the eLearning & Online Learning Committee and the University Teaching & Learning Development Committee (TALDEC)   


    Member of

    • Chiropractors Board of Australia, AHPRA. Victorian Practitioner Member 2015 -
    • Australian Medical Schools Accrediation Team. Accreditation Team Member 2014 -
    • Medical Panels, Melbourne, Australia. Chiropractic Consultant to Medical Panels 2014 -
    • Association for the Study of Medical Education. ASME 2013 -
    • Association for Medical Education in Europe. AMEE 2012 -
    • Australian & New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators. ANZAHPE 2011 -
    • Australian Medical Association. MAMA 2003 -
    • Chiropractors & Osteopaths College of Australia. Certified Practicing Member 1997 -


    Selected publications


    Additional Grant Information

    • University of Melbourne Learning & Teaching Grants Awarded:

      2015. Judd, T., Ryan, A. & Flynn, E. Assessment of and feedback on student interviews ($20,228)

      2014: Judd, T., Ryan, A. & McColl, G. Utilising wearable cameras for teaching, learning & self-assessment ($10,338)

      2014: Ryan, A., Judd. T. & McColl, G. Progress testing & Feedback ($34,938)   


    Education and training

    • PhD, University of Melbourne 2015
    • Grad. Cert. Uni. Teaching, University of Melbourne 2010
    • MBBS, University of Melbourne 2007
    • Grad. Cert. Acu, Melbourne College of Acupuncture 2003
    • Grad. Dip. V.E.T., University of Melbourne 2001
    • B.App.Sc (Chiro), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1996
    • B. Clin Sci, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1996

    Awards and honors

    • APA PhD Scholarship, 2012
    • (regretfully declined), John Flynn Scholarship, 2004
    • Dean's Honours List - Outstanding Academic Achievement, 2000


    Available for supervision

    • Y

    Supervision Statement

    • Anna's research interests include assessment and feedback innovations.  Her current work investigates the presentation of assessment data to learners in a way that enhances their learning (both knowledge acquisition & long term retention), is cost effective and is acceptable to stakeholders.  Her PhD research explored the influence of different kinds of post-test feedback on medical student learning behaviours and knowledge acquisition as measured by test results, study diaries, interview and quesitonnaires.  Feedback types used in the experiment included normative information, curriculum references and certainty data.  Her post-doctoral research is continuing to develop this work.

      Anna currently supervises Scholarly Selective, Masters & PhD research students.