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DR Kathryn Hassell




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    I completed my undergraduate degree in biology and an Honours project in crustacean aquaculture at RMIT University, for the award of B.App.Sci.(Hons) in 2003. I then worked as a technician on a commercial salmon farm and as a research assistant for a few years on several projects involving aquatic invertebrates, and both freshwater and estuarine fish species in collaboration with the Victorian EPA, Monash University, DPI Fisheries and RMIT University. I have worked as an experimental scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in Townsville, and was awarded my PhD in fish biology in 2009. Since then I have worked as a research fellow in the Aquatic Biomonitoring group at CESAR (University of Melbourne), and as a visiting Fellow in the Institute for the Environment, Brunel University, UK and in the Faculty of Environmental Studies/Institute for East China Sea Research, Nagasaki University, Japan. I currently work as a research fellow in the Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM) within the School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne.  

    My research interests focus on the biological effects of pollution and contaminants in aquatic organisms, particularly native fish species. Degradation of aquatic environments is a major threat to fish populations and I am interested in the sub-lethal and long-term effects of environmental stressors, including endocrine disrupting chemicals, and their effects on reproductive success and species survival.


Member of

  • Australian Society for Fish Biology. member 2005 - 2021
  • Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. member 2005 - 2019
  • Australian Marine Science Association. member 2005 - 2018


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Education and training

  • PhD, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2009
  • B.APP.SCI (HON), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2003
  • B.APP.SCI, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2001