PROF Greg Qiao

PROF Greg Qiao




  • Greg Qiao is Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry and Engineering and Assistant Dean (Research) in the Melbourne School of Engineering. He is also a Deputy Head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

    His current Research Activities include:

    Environmental Engineering - Greenhouse Gas Recovery 
    Nano and Biomolecular Engineering  - Nanostructured Materials, Tissue Engineering 
    Materials and Minerals Engineering - Polymer Science 

    The research interests of Greg Qiao are in the area of synthetic polymer science and engineering. His research applies various polymerization techniques, including controlled free radical polymerizations, to synthesize novel polymeric architectures, biodegradable and functional polymers. His industrial research is in the synthesis of the nanogels for automotive coatings and the novel hydrogels for biological separations. The research in biopolymers is focused on applications in tissue engineering.
    Greg leads an internationally recognized Polymer Science Group in the Department and is currently the president of the Victorian Polymer Group under Royal Australia Chemical Institute. He is also a project leader of the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and CRC for Polymers. 

    Caruso, F., Qiao, G. G., Blencowe, A. R., Goh, T. K., Connal, L. A. & Such, G. K. Preparation of a crosslinked multilayer film. (US Application: US20110250353 A1 20111013, 2011)
    Caruso, F., Qiao, G. G., Blencowe, A. R., Goh, T. K., Connal, L. A. & Such, G. K. Preparation of a crosslinked multilayer film. (Patent Number: US20110250353A1, 2011) Solomon, D. H., Prime, E. L., Sunartio, D., Qiao, G. G., Dagley, I. & Blencowe, A. Method for controlling water evaporation. (Application: WO patent application 2009-AU1684, 2010).
    Qiao, G. G.; Powell, C. Kentish, S



Member of

  • RACI - Chairman- Victorian Polymer Group. Royal Australian Chemical Institute 2004 -
  • RACI - National Committee - Polymer Division. Royal Australian Chemical Institute 2004 -
  • ABS. Australian Biomaterial Society 2004 - 2015
  • ACS. American Chemical Society 2004 - 2015
  • AES. Australian Electrophoresis Society 2004 - 2015


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2012-2014: G. Qiao, R. Prankerd, A. Blencowe, P. Gurr, R. Tait and A. Donohue, 'Novel click assembled drug-polymer conjugates as next generation drug delivery systems', ARC Linkage Project with PolyActiva Pty Ltd, Australian Research Council, ARC funding $304K

    2012: A. Blencowe and G. Qiao, 'Bioengineered corneal endothelium for improved restoration of sight', Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Materials Institute (MMI), University of Melbourne, $50K

    2010: E. Hartland, F. Caruso and G. Qiao, 'Rapid environmental detection of Legionella', Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, Melbourne Materials Institute (MMI), University of Melbourne 


Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Queensland 1997
  • BEng, Donghua University 1982

Awards and honors

  • 2010 CHEMECA Award at Chemeca Annual Conference for Outstanding achievement in the field of chemical engineering in Australia and NZ, Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia (IChemE), 2010
  • Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 2006


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