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MS Julie-Anne Fischer


  • anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, suicide prevention, mental health literacy (MHFA (mental health first aid), eLearning)



  • Julie has been the Trial Manager for several mental health research projects at the university. Over the past 7 years, Julie has collaborated in the development and dissemination of resources which aid in help-seeking and early intervention for a mental health problem and reduce stigmatizing attitudes towards mental illness. Her main interests are in mental illness prevention, management and recovery. Current projects include:

    First Aid Training for Parents of Teenagers - a Randomized Controlled Trial (TPOT Research Study) which aims to teach parents of teenagers aged 12-15, the skills to recognize and respond to mental health problems and physical injuries in teenagers. Parents are randomly assigned to either a Youth Mental Health First Aid course (14 hours) or Provide First Aid course (15 hours). A major focus of this study is the teenager as the recipient of first aid actions provided by their parent, over the adolescent period. The project will assess whether parental training has a positive impact on the teenager’s perception of support, help-seeking, mental health or an injury needing assistance. Recruitment is still open across Australia, register on the trial website at 

    WorkplaceAid – a trial on improving mental health and physical first aid skills in the workplace.
    The project will explore how undertaking one of the following courses impacts on Public Service Employees' knowledge, attitudes and skills for assisting someone in the workplace, or in their social circle, with a mental health problem or a physical injury. Participants are randomly assigned into one of the following courses: 1. eLearning Mental Health First Aid (6-hours); 2. Blended Mental Health First Aid (6-hours eLearning plus a 3.5 hour face-to-face session) or 3. eLearning Apply First Aid course (4 hours). It will answer the practical question about whether a face-to-face component enhances the e   


Member of

  • Australian Psychological Society. Student Member 2005 - 2009


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Education and training

  • BA(Hons)(Psychology), Victoria University of Technology 2007