A/PROF Alicia Dennis

A/PROF Alicia Dennis


  • Cardiac function (Pregnancy)
  • Echocardiography
  • International Public Health
  • Obstetric anaesthesia and critical illness
  • Preeclampsia



  • A/Prof Alicia Dennis is an internationally recognised expert in obstetric anaesthesia, obstetric perioperative medicine and critical care, preeclampsia, and obstetric echocardiography. She is an academic obstetric anaesthetist, with appointments at The University of Melbourne, and The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. A/Prof Dennis has worked in tertiary referral obstetric hospitals in Australia since 2001, and pioneered the contemporary use of transthoracic echocardiography for managing cardiovascular disease in pregnant women. Her work in the haemodynamics of preeclampsia has led to a new unified theory providing an alternative mechanism for the development of preeclampsia and consideration of new prevention and treatment options. "I am privileged to be able to work in an environment that enables me to pursue my dream of making a difference to the lives of pregnant women. I do this through advocating for gender equity, engaging with medical colleges, societies and government, and promoting clinical, research and educational excellence. Underpinning this is a strong sense of justice, ethics and respect; for patients, for colleagues, and importantly for medical students and early career doctors who we must care for and inspire to become the next generation of humanitarian leaders."   


Member of

  • Association of Anaesthetists Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI). Member 2015 -
  • Royal Women's Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee. Member 2011 -
  • American Society of Echocardiography. Member 2009 -
  • High Blood Pressure Reserach Council of Australia. Member 2008 -
  • International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP). Member 2008 -
  • Obstetric Anaesthesia Special Interest Group ANZCA/ASA/NZSA. Chair of Executive Committee 2007 -
  • Society of Obstetric Medicine Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ). Member 2007 -
  • Obstetric Anaesthetists Association (OAA) UK. Member 2006 -
  • Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) USA. Member 2006 -
  • Australian Society of Anaesthetists. Member 1997 -
  • Australian Medical Association. Member 1995 -
  • University of Melbourne Medical Society. Member 1995 -


Selected publications



Education and training

  • MPH, University of Sydney 2017
  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2010
  • PGDipEcho, University of Melbourne 2008
  • MBBS, University of Melbourne 1994

Awards and honors

  • The Elaine Lillian Kluver Research Award, 2019
  • University of Melbourne Strategic Award for Outstanding Women (Obstetrics and Gynaecology Grant Scheme), 2019
  • Best Poster Prize (Caesarean Section Category) Obstetric Anaesthetist Association (OAA) of the United Kingdom, 2017
  • Best Poster Prize (Management and Quality Assurance) - Obstetric Anaesthetist Association (OAA) of the United Kingdom, 2017
  • Poster Presentation Award (Risk Assessment and Management) - Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association, 2017
  • Poster Presentation Award (Caesarean Section Category) - Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association, 2017
  • Best Poster Prize - Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association, 2016
  • Commonwealth scholarship for Master of International Public Health study, 2016
  • NHMRC Fellowship, 2015
  • Mundipharma Research Award - Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, 2013
  • Visiting Scholars Fund Award for International Research Work - University of Cape Town, 2013
  • Gilbert Troup Prize - Australian Society of Anaesthetists, 2012
  • Jackson Rees Research Grant - Australian Society of Anaesthetists, 2011
  • Young Investigator Travel Award - International Society Study Hypertension in Pregnancy, 2010
  • Best presentation of OAA Meeting 2010, Best Paper of Meeting Prize - Obstetric Anaesthetist Association (OAA) of the United Kingdom, 2010
  • Zuspan Award - International Society Study Hypertension in Pregnancy, 2010
  • LMAPacMed/ASA Fellowship, LMA/Pacific Medical/Australian Society of Anaesthetists, 2008
  • Gilbert Troup Prize, Gilbert Troup Prize - Australian Society of Anaesthetists, 2008
  • Fellow of the Australian and NZ College of Anaesthetists, 2002



Available for supervision

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