DR Helena Bender

DR Helena Bender




  • Helena is a teaching specialist who is interested in the intersection between social and biophysical systems and the sustainability of the global ecosystem. She started her academic career as a behavioural ecologist interested in animal communication in marine contexts and in terrestrial environments, with an applied focus - how sound could be of use for managing over-abundant mammals like eastern grey kangaroos and grey headed flying foxes. More recently, she has drawn on her experiences of working in an inter-disciplinary subject and team to reflect on the benefits and challenges of working across disciplinary divides. Helena draws on her teaching degree in primary and secondary education, and experience teaching environmental science, biology and mathematics at a secondary school in Gippsland in her teaching contributions in Reshaping Environments (ENVS10002) and Contested Resources (EVSC20005).   


Selected publications


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2005
  • BEd, Deakin University 2004
  • BSc, Trent University 1993