MR Aleks Danko

MR Aleks Danko




  • Born in Adelaide in 1950, the son of Ukrainian emigre parents, Danko began making art in his parents' suburban garage. After studying at the South Australian School of Art Danko moved to sydney in 1971, where he was a central figure in the city's conceptual art movement.

    The artist has consistently drawn upon his own history in his artworks. The suburbia of his upbringing - its banality, architectural forms and seemingly anti-intellectual ethos - are a consistent presence in his work, as is his family's dark humour. Danko has also worked with a series of repetitive motifs, the most notable of which is a simple house structure, in order to re-orientate ideas from his own creative history into the present.

    Although Danko is versed in a range of disciplines, his practice remains firmly grounded within the world of object. Using language as his starting point, he transforms sound, speech, rhymes, puns and repetitions into something more concrete. Akin to poetry, these text-based pieces are short and sharp, designed to be read aloud, vocalised and performed.