DR Rene Koopman

DR Rene Koopman


  • muscle metabolism in health and disease (muscle protein turnover, substrate metabolism)
  • muscle wasting disorders (sepsis, ageing, heritable disorders)



  • Dr. Koopman conducted his PhD studies at Maastricht University, the Netherlands from 2002-2006. In March 2006, Dr. Koopman was appointed to the position of Assistant Professor with tenure in the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University to continue his research program using stable isotope methodology and fluorescence-based approaches to study the anabolic response to food and exercise in healthy elderly and patients. In 2006 and 2007, he spent 50% of his time on research. In 2006, Dr. Koopman completed postdoctoral training at INRA, Clermont-Ferrand in France while a Nutricia Research Fellow. In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Rubicon Research Fellowship (from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) allowing Dr. Koopman to come to Australia and work with Prof. Gordon S. Lynch at The University of Melbourne (2007-2009). In 2009 Dr. Koopman was awarded the prestigious C.R. Roper Research Fellowship, a competitive senior research fellowship in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at The University of Melbourne to support his research and career development in the Department of Physiology. In January 2011, he was appointed to the position of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physiology at The University of Melbourne. Dr Koopman is part of Australia’s leading partnerships in muscle research and shares laboratories with A/Prof Paul Gregorevic and Prof Gordon Lynch within the newly established Centre for Muscle Research. The Centre not only features state-of -the-art lab infrastructure and a productive research environment but is the basic science hub for muscle-related collaboration across the University, including its faculties (Science, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, and Medicine) and affiliated research institutes and hospitals. The Centre provides an award-winning mentoring environment and career training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at all levels. The Centre   


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Additional Grant Information

  • Fellowships: • Nutricia Training Fellowship, Nutricia Research Foundation (2006). Visiting the Human Nutrition Laboratory (CRNH/INRA) in Clermont-Ferrand to setup an international collaboration and acquire experience in more analytical (biochemical) techniques, such as measuring muscle protein synthesis in sarcoplasmic, mitochondrial and myofibrillar protein fractions. • NWO Rubicon Fellowship, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2007-2009). Working in the Laboratory of Prof Lynch at the Department of Physiology, The University of Melbourne on research projects studying the regulation of protein synthesis and breakdown at a myocellular level using cell and animal models • CR Roper Fellowship, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences (2010-2012). Investigating the regulation of muscle protein synthesis and breakdown in health and disease. • ESPEN Fellowship, the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (2012). Investigating the effect of glycine on inflammation and muscle wasting in cancer. • Ajinomoto Amino Acid Research Program (3ARP, 2009-2011). Investigating the potential for citrulline as a pharmaco-nutrient to attenuate muscle wasting • Ramaciotti Establishment Grant, Ramaciotti Foundation (2012). Investigating the potential for dietary amino acids to suppress inflammation and modulate skeletal muscle protein metabolism in sepsis • ARC Discovery Grant (CI-B 2012-2015). Investigating the role of SOCS3 in impaired skeletal muscle repair, metabolism and inflammatory response during ageing. • University of Melbourne Research Support Scheme (2014). The role of non-essential amino acids in the control of muscle protein metabolism. • NHMRC project grant (CI-D 2015-2017). Functional electrical stimulation assisted cycling (eStimCycle):A novel intervention to improve outcomes in the critically ill. • NHMRC project grant (CI-A 2016-2017). Advancing glycine to the clinic for Duchenne Mu   


Education and training

  • PhD, Maastricht University 2006
  • BW, Maastricht University 2001
  • BD, Maastricht University 2000

Awards and honors

  • Travel award European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, ESPEN, Leipzig, 2013
  • NUTRIM thesis award, for best scientific thesis 2006-2007, NUTRIM, Maastricht, Netherlands, 2008
  • Award for best scientific thesis in the field of Sports Medicine in the Netherlands, MSD Netherlands, 2008
  • Den Hartog Award for best scientific thesis in the field of nutrition in the Netherlands (awarded every 4 years), Den Hartog, Wageningen, Netherlands, 2007
  • Young Investigator Award, European College of Sports Sciences, Lausanne, Switzerlan, 2006
  • Student Research Award, Nutrition Interest Group ACSM, 52nd Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, 2005


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