DR Brent Davis

DR Brent Davis


  • Aegean Archaeology (Bronze Age)
  • Ancient languages and scripts (Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean and Near East)
  • Archaeology of ritual and religion (Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean and Near East)
  • Philistine Archaeology (scripts, languages)



  • Dr Brent Davis received his undergraduate degree in Linguistics from Stanford University. In 2011, he completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne on Minoan ritual vessels and Linear A, the undeciphered script of the Minoans. His thesis will be published in book-form in early 2014 as #36 in the prestigious Aegaeum series. With a background in both archaeology and linguistics, his interests include not only the ancient cultures of the eastern Mediterranean, but their languages and scripts as well. He has published numerous articles and chapters on Minoan culture and script, as well as on archaeological theory, and he has taught many subjects in Classics and Archaeology, including Ancient Egyptian. He has undertaken several years of archaeological fieldwork at Tell-es Safi/Gath (Israel), the site of a major Philistine city.   


Member of

  • American Schools of Oriental Research. Early Career Researcher Member 2017 - 2020
  • Archaeological Institute of America. Member 2018 - 2019
  • VCAA Examination Development Panel. Study Specialist (Ancient Egypt) 2018 - 2019


Selected publications


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2011
  • PGrad.Dip., University of Melbourne 2007
  • Grad.Dip., University of Melbourne 2006
  • B.A., Stanford University 1978

Awards and honors

  • The Michael Ventris Award for Mycenaean Studies 2019, University of London, 2019
  • Honorary Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, 2013
  • Postgraduate Travel Grant, USD $313, Archaeological Institute of America, 2010
  • Spencer-Pappas Travel Grant, AUD $694, University of Melbourne, 2008
  • Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement in 2007, Dean's Awards, University of Melbourne, 2008
  • Alma Hansen Scholarship, AUD $8,000, University of Melbourne, 2007
  • William Culican Memorial Award for Archaeology and Ancient History, AUD $500, University of Melbourne, 2007
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, AUD $61,281, University of Melbourne, 2007
  • Jessie Webb Fellowship, AUD $13,000, University of Melbourne, 2007



Available for supervision

  • N

Supervision Statement

  • Research interests: Bronze-Age Aegean archaeology; Philistine archaeology; Egyptian archaeology; ancient Egyptian language and hieroglyphs; ancient eastern Mediterranean scripts and languages