DR Roger Alsop

DR Roger Alsop


  • Community Art (Community History, Advocacy Through Art,)
  • Computer Music (Composition)
  • Interactive Arts (Visual arts, Interactive Arts)
  • Interactive Composition (Music, Composition, Film Music)
  • Interdisciplinary arts practise (Installation, multimedia, computer art)
  • Media Arts (Located Art, Computer Art)
  • Performing Arts (Interactive Performance)



  • Roger Alsop’s practice includes sound art, composition, interactive art & video art. He works in all forms of performance, recorded, sound, web, and video arts. He teaches undergraduate, postgraduate and research students at Melbourne University and Box Hill Institute, and has mentored performance students at Victoria University, and through the Spark program. He is an active researcher in the areas of performance and performing arts, interactive art, sound art, and composition, and has supervised and supervises research students in these areas. He has written on topics including sound and interactive arts; artistic approaches to environmental sustainability; art and bio-imaging, cross media art, and gesture interactions. Arts Victoria, VicHealth and the Royal Botanic Gardens have funded his work. Memberships include: Greenroom Contemporary and Experimental Performance panel, Box Hill Institute Higher Education Board of Studies and Music Degree Course Advisory Committee, International and Australian Computer Music Associations, Electronic Music Foundation, Human Computer Sciences Network, ANAT, and Multicultural Arts Victoria.    


Member of

  • Higher Education Board of Studies,Box Hill Institute. Member 2015 -
  • Organisation Internationale des Scénographes Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre Sound Working Group. Member 2015 -
  • International Computer Music Association. Member 2013 -
  • Australian Network of Arts and Technology (ANAT). Member 2009 -
  • Course Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Centre for Performing Arts, Box Hill Institute. Member 2009 -
  • dance-tech. Member 2009 -
  • Green Room Contemporary and Experimental Performance. Selection committee for Green Room awards in performance arts 2007 -
  • HCSNet (Human Communication Sciences Network). Member 2007 -
  • Austalasian Computer Music Association. Member 2006 -
  • CHASS (Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences). Member 2004 -
  • Electronic Music Foundation. Foundation member 1998 -


Selected publications


Education and training

  • GCUT, University of Melbourne 2014
  • PhD, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2011
  • MA, La Trobe University 2000
  • Grad Dip Mus Tech, La Trobe University 1993
  • BA, La Trobe University 1989

Awards and honors

  • Artist in Residence, Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne, 2008
  • Artist in Residence, Federation Square, 2007
  • Spark Mentoring program (Mentor), 2007



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • My supervision interests include Performing and Performance Arts; Interactive Media; Interactive Design; Interactive Creativity; Community Engagement; Music; Computer Music; Art/Science Interactions; and Sound Design.

    This does not exclude other areas of the Arts that may be of interest to prospective research students; please contact me regarding your research ideas and we can discuss them.