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MR Andrew Alexandra


  • Ethics of War and Peace
  • Morality; Ethics
  • Police Ethics
  • Political philosophy
  • Professional Ethics



  • After graduate study at Oxford University Andrew taught at Swinburne, Deakin, Melbourne, Queensland and Charles Sturt University. Since 2000 he has worked in the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne. Andrew has research interests in the areas of the ethics of war and peace, professional and applied ethics, political philosophy, the history of philosophy, and issues in intellectual property. Among his many publications in these areas are the co-authored books Media, Markets and Morals (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), Integrity Systems for Occupational Groups (Ashgate, 2010) and Ethics in Practice: Moral Theory and the Professions (UNSW Press, 2009). Together with Ned Dobos and Igor Primoratz he is currently completing a book on pacifism, to be published by Oxford University Press. He has undertaken collaborative research and consultancies for a range of organizations, including Victoria Police, the Professional Standards Council, The Australian Association of Social Workers, the Australian Anthropological Society, The International Baccalaureate Organization (UK)and the Safety Institute of Australia. He is currently a Chief Investigator on an ARC funded project on social work ethics.   


Selected publications


Additional Grant Information

  • 1. Melbourne University Faculty Development Grant, 1994 - $5,000
    2. Seed Grant, the Centre for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt University, 1995 - $1,500.
    3. Australian Research Council Small Grant, Charles Sturt University (with Dr. Frank Vanclay) 1997 - $5,000. This project funded in the ‘near miss’ category after narrowly missing out on gaining a large ARC grant for 1998.
    4. Seed Grant, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University ‘Violence and the Woman Police Officer’ (with Dr. Therese Taylor and others) 1997 - $2,000
    5. Chief Investigator ARC Large Grant 'Innovation, Exclusion, and Commodification of Plant Types: A Social and Philosophical Investigation of Plant Variety Rights in Australia.' 1999-2001. $142,000.
    6. Senior Researcher, ARC Special Research Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, 2000-08, $8.6 million.
    7. Chief Investigator ARC Linkage Grant 'Ethics, Regulation and the Professionalisation of Occupations' (Industry Partner: Professional Standards Council) 2004-5. $119,000
    8. University of Melbourne International Collaborative Research Grant ‘Cultural Values and Property Rights’, $7,000 for collaborative work with academics at Lancaster University, UK
    9. Chief Investigator ARC Linkage Grant ‘An Integrity System for Victoria Police’ (Industry partner: Victoria Police) 2005-09. $557,000.
    10. EU/Australia Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training Grant: ‘Network of Undergraduate Degrees in Ethics, Human Rights and Institutions’ 2006 - 2009: $424,847 (for Australian component of the project)
    11. Consultancy: Australian Anthropological Society. Report as to advisability of instituting a complaints and discipline system. ($1,200), 2009.
    12. Consultancy: Safety Institute Australia (SIA) Support the SIA in the review and development of the SIA Complaint /Peer Revi   


Education and training

  • BA, University of Melbourne
  • BPhil, University of Oxford
  • MA, University of Melbourne



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I have broad experience in supervising research higher degrees in topics in political philosophy, professional and applied ethics, environmental ethics and applied ethics.< Completed: Simon Bradshaw (2007) 'Understanding the Roots of Our Ecological Crisis' - passed without revision. Clare McArdle MA (2007) 'Morality of Politicians in a Democracy' First Class Honours Jeremy St John PhD (2010) 'Justice Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning' • Ros McDougal PhD (2010) (co-supervised with Lyn Gillam) Ethical Challenges in Medical Internship – Passed with minor revisions
    Emma Larking PhD (2011) -) 'Scum of the Earth:, Refugees and Human Rights' passed with minor revisions Jarrod Lee MA (2011) (co-supervised with Igor Primoratz) 'Sexual Perversion' - First Class Honours Damien Cremean MA (2011) - 'Informed Consent' - H2A Alex West PhD (2012) - 'Portrayals of Euthanasia in Modern Literature and Film' - Passed with minor revisions Nik Parkin – PhD (2012) 'Pacifism, Innocence and Modern War'; Passed with minor revisions Robbie Arell - PhD (2015) (co-supervised with Igor Primoratz) 'The Ethics of Partiality' - Passed with minor revisions Jenny Gary; PhD (2015)- 'An Ethical Defence of Modern Zoos'; Passed with minor revisions Evan Dwyer ; PhD (2015) 'The Ethics of Repossessing Real Property in Australia' - Passed with minor revisions Dominic Lenzi ; PhD (2015) 'The Role of Knowledge in Determining Environmental Virtue' - Passed with minor revisions Dominique Waissbluth MA (2017) - 'Cultural Identity and Environmental Ethics' H2A Currently supervised: Clare McArdle PhD - National Democracy in a Global Society – completion date 2017
    • Nicholas Evans – PhD - The RIght to Revolution - completion date mid 2017
    * Blas Bulnes Beniscelli - PhD - Rawls and Human RIghts - completion date 2017
    • Phil Patterson – PhD – The Virtues of Public