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A/PROF Damian Myers




  • Awards/Appointments: John Storey Junior Memorial Scholarship (1983); Campion-Ma-Playoust Award from the ASMR (1986); PhD scholarship through the NHF (1991); Faculty of Medicine Fellowship (1997-99).
    Research interests: During 2003-2009 was appointed as Senior Scientist in the Epilepsy and Neuropharmacology Laboratory (Director: Prof Terry O’Brien) in the Dept Medicine, RMH, and completed work on several projects: (1) investigation of the neurological changes associated with epileptogenesis in temporal lobe epilepsy; (2) a study of structural, functional, neurobehavioural, neurocognitive and epilepsy outcomes associated with post-traumatic brain injury (funded through the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative, TAC); (3) investigation of GABAA/central benzodiazepine receptor expression during epileptogenesis using PET imaging with 18F-Flumazenil (through the Centre for Molecular Imaging at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; CRC for Biomedical Imaging Development); (4) a study of adverse drug reactions associated with long-term epilepsy therapies; and, (5) various collaborations involving advanced imaging and development of imaging agents (in association with the CSIRO).
    Current research interests: Myers has been a key player in several large platform projects. His current position involves research projects into musculoskeletal science and application of advanced imaging techniques in the study of disease onset and progression; the long-term aim to understand the disease process. Damian Myers has worked in the biomedical sciences and medical research utilising diverse imaging techniques including microfocus X-ray imaging (MXI) and pQCT, confocal microscopy and live-cell imaging as well as combined PET/MRI imaging. These methodologies, over many years, have been utilised to complement a range of research projects within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sc


Member of

  • Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society. Official Australasian body for bone and mineral research 2003 - 2018
  • Australian Neuroscience Society. Ordinary member 2005 - 2013


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Additional Grant Information

  • Current Grants/Awards
    VNI DP0023 Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative through the TAC, Victoria; $973,347 over 3 years: Start date 9th of October 2006; 2006 $251,000; 2007 $200,000; 2008 $283,326; 2009 $238,998.
    Longitudinal in vivo study of hippocampal structure and function, and relationship to neurocognitive, neurobehavioral and epileptic outcomes, in a model of human traumatic brain injury
    O'Brien TJ, Myers DE (CIB), Hicks RJ, Howells D, Williams J, Velakoulis D, Pantelis C, Egan G, Dedeurwaerdere S, Jones N, Hogan E, Batchelor P, Jupp B, Fang K.

    CSIRO-University of Melbourne Research Support Scheme
    2006 $25,000; 2007 $25,000. Anti-epileptic drug effects on bone health: Microimaging of bone changes using Microfocus X-ray Imaging.
    Myers DE (CIA) and Stevenson AW.

    Collaborative project with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute: Funds from the Centre for Molecular Imaging. 2006 $75,000; 2007 $225,000; 2008 $225,000. 18F-Flumazenil as a radiotracer for longitudinal measurements of GABAA/cBZR in the brain during epileptogenesis.
    A/Prof TJ O'Brien, Dr DE Myers (CIB), Dr M-C Gregoire, Dr S Dedeurwaerdere, Dr A Katsifis, Prof RJ Hicks.

    Principal Researcher: Prof Terence J. O’Brien
    Associate Researcher(s): Prof Rodney Hicks, Dr Viviane Bouilleret, Dr WF Eddie Lau, Dr Peter Roselt, Dr David Binns, Dr Andrew Katsifis, Dr Marie Claude Gregoire, Dr Damian Myers and Ms Annie Roten
    On-going clinical study.

    Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation. 2007 $25,000; 2008 $25,000; 2009 $25,000. Optimizing the bone response to dietary calcium: a physiological approach.
    Wark JD, Wlodek MJ, Myers DE.

    Series of grants for funding of the ‘Live-cell Imaging Facility’ in the Department of Medici   


Education and training

  • PhD (Medicine), University of Melbourne 1993
  • MAppSc (Biology), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1984
  • BAppSc (Biology), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1980

Awards and honors

  • TAC Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative, 2009
  • University of Melbourne, 1997
  • National Heart Foundation, 1991
  • Australian Society of Medical Research, 1986
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, 1983


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