DR Cindy Hauser

DR Cindy Hauser


  • Adaptive management
  • Surveillance for Hieracium species in the Australian Alps



  • For more information about Cindy, visit http://cindyehauser.wordpress.com/.

    Cindy aims to develop rational, repeatable and transparent approaches to environmental management that account for uncertainty, incomplete knowledge and scarce data. She's particularly interested in optimal monitoring (applying cost-benefit analysis to investment in monitoring), adaptive management (strategic management for gaining knowledge and data) and robustness (ensuring acceptable outcomes in the face of uncertainty).

    Projects she's currently involved with include:

     * Adaptive management of malleefowl with Jose Lahoz-Monfort, Michael Bode, Brendan Wintle, Libby Rumpff, Parks Victoria & the Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group

     * Adaptive management of vegetation and kangaroo population control with Jose Lahoz-Monfort, Yung En Chee, Brendan Wintle & Parks Victoria

     * Cost-effective surveys for invasive hawkweeds with Roger Cousens, Nick Williams, Keith Primrose, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Parks Victoria & NSW Department of Environment & Heritage

     * Active adaptive survey design for a species with uncertain habitat suitability with Tracy Rout, Mick McCarthy & Jos Moore

     * Weed eradication costs as a function of survey and monitoring effort with Susie Hester, Oscar Cacho & Dane Panetta

     * Untangling ecosystem invasibility from propagule pressure and species characteristics with Jane Catford & Brendan Wintle   


Selected publications



Education and training

  • PhD, The University of Queensland 2006
  • BSc, Queensland University of Technology 2001



Available for supervision

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