DR Gerhard Wiesenfeldt

DR Gerhard Wiesenfeldt


  • Early modern empiricism (experimental culture, arts and science, scientific institutions, lens grinding)
  • Science and Naturphilosophie (Galvanism, self-experiments, enlightenment, idealistic philosophy, romanticism kant, arnim, ritter, van marum)
  • Science at early modern universities (science teaching, disputations, academic spheres)
  • Scientists in Popular Movies (science fiction, mad scientist, biographies, Jack Arnold, David Cronenberg)
  • The visual culture of experiments (Text book illustrations, performances, engravings, epistemology in culture)



  • 1989-1995 Studies in Physics, Philosophy and History of Science in Hamburg, graduating as a physicist, 1999 Doctorate in History of Science with a thesis on "Empty room in Minerva's house. Experimental Natural Philosophy at the University of Leiden, 1675-1715. " 1995-1998 Research Associate at the Institute for the History of Science, Mathematics and Engineering, University of Hamburg, 1999-2001 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in the independent junior research group "Experimental History of Science" under the direction of H. Otto Sibum , 2000-2003 Secretary of the German Society for the History of Medicine, Science and Technology.
    Since 2007 Lecturer at the University of Melbourne (Australia): Faculty of Arts: History and Philosophy of Science.


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Education and training

  • Dr.rer.nat., University of Hamburg 2001
  • Dipl.-phys., University of Hamburg 1995



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