A/PROF Lauren Bennett

A/PROF Lauren Bennett




  • My primary research interests are in the processes that underpin natural ecosystem function, and the ways in which we measure and value ecosystem services. I lead the landscape carbon research project in the Integrated Forest Ecosystem Research program, which aims to better quantify carbon stocks and fluxes in natural ecosystems, and to interpret and predict changes in carbon stocks associated with management practices and natural drivers like fire and climate. This research includes carbon estimation in all components of the ecosystem (trees, dead wood, soils), and examination of diverse concepts like risk, resilience, and valuation. My interests in natural processes and the ways humans interact with their environment come together nicely in a Masters subject that I currently co-coordinate named 'Ecological Restoration', which examines how we view natural ecosystems and how we need to understand and restore the many services they provide.   


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  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1994
  • B. For. Sci., University of Melbourne 1988


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