DR Georgina Such

DR Georgina Such




  • Dr Georgina Such is a Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The University of Melbourne. She is a member of the Nanostructured Interfaces and Materials (NIMs) Group.

    Research Interests
    - Nanotechnology
    - Polymers
    - Biomedical Engineering

    Dr Such was among eight young scientists from the University of Melbourne have been awarded 2012 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards for Victoria. All winners are leaders in their field, breaking new ground with their innovation and discoveries. The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards aim to recognise early career researchers who have achieved significant research outcomes and have demonstrated their passion to engage with the community in science. Award winners will spend the next year engaging with teachers, school students, parents and the broader community around Victoria and across Australia as part of the Tall Poppy Campaign run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.
    Dr Such was a successful recipient of this award for her work in Polymer and Materials Science. Dr Such’s work investigates better ways to deliver chemotherapy drugs by designing a smart capsule that is specially designed to protect the body from the drug until it reaches the specific cancer site. The capsules are synthesised like a set of Russian dolls where each section meets a different biological challenge through the body.


Member of

  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). MRACI - Member of Royal Australian Chemical Institute 2002 -


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2007: G. Such and B. Muir, 'Nanoscale patterning of surfaces using biologically relevant 'click chemistry', CSIRO Collaborative Research Support Scheme, University of Melbourne, $49,900



Education and training

  • PhD, University of New South Wales 2005
  • BSc (Hons), University of Melbourne 2001

Awards and honors

  • Australian Institute of Policy and Science, 2012 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards for Victoria, 2012
  • 2011 L'Oreal Women in Science Fellowship, L'Oreal Women in Science, 2011


Available for supervision

  • Y