DR Dominique Hes

DR Dominique Hes


  • Beyond sustainability - Regenerative Development
  • Placemaking
  • Smart Green Schools
  • Sustainable built environment (Schools; Regenerative development)



  • Dominique received a science degree from Melbourne University and followed this with a graduate diploma in Engineering (Cleaner Production) and a Doctorate in Architecture 2005 from RMIT University, Melbourne. Her key research questions are: ‘why, when we have been ‘doing’ sustainability for so long, are we having an ever increasing impact?’ People create such beauty with music, food, art, buildings and community why is it so difficult to be a thriving part of the earth’s systems? and How can the built environment be part of this thriving? As such she has looked at biomimicry, biophilia, regenerative design, permaculture and development and positive development. This resulted in the publication of the award winning book 'Designing for Hope: Pathways to Regenerative sustainability', co-authored with Professor Chrisna du Plessis. Her continued research centres on how to create a built environment that is good for people and the nature they are a part of. She has written a further 4 books, 11 Chapters, 19 Journal articles, 46 Conference papers, and 20 reports and non-refered industry publications. 



Member of

  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating (AIRAH). M.AIRAH 2011 - 2025


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Additional Grant Information

  • Myer Foundation 2017 - $940,000 - Place Agency - placemaking capacity building in Australia project 
    ARC linkage 2010 - LP100100296 – Task air and indoor comfort - $80,007 - with Drake; Melikov
    ARC linkage 2008 - LP0776850 - Smart Green Schools - $340,000 - with Clare Newton, Kim Dovey, Kenn Fisher and Sue Wilks
    ARC linkage 2009 - LP0991146 – Future proofing schools: using smart green integrated design approaches to prefabricates learning environments - $470,000 - with Clare Newton, Tom Kvan, Margaret Grose, Kenn Fisher and Sue Wilks
    Commission 2006/7 - Commissions to write the 2 Federal publications and 3 state fact sheets (not nationally competitive)
    Commission 2007/8 - Commission to carry out academic edit of over 250,000 words from Australia’s leading Sustainable Building researchers into federally funded online publication –Your Building 
    Development fraculty grant 2016 - Thrive Research Hub - $621,000 - with Crawford, Stephan, Cadorel, Warren-Myers, Doloi, Cameron, Jensen
    Equipment grant faulty 2016 - Sensors – monitoring indoor environment quality, building performance - $262,278 - with Hes, Burry, White, Roudavski, 
    Philanthropy 2016 – running wild, living well apartments and heat stress, positive legacy award, Ecological survey of a 26 home development site - $10,000, $10,000, $5,000, $8,000
    University grant 2016 - CCIF – net positive social and environmental development - $43,200 - with Aye, Crawford, Stephan



Education and training

  • BSc, University of Melbourne
  • PhD (Arch), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2005
  • GradDipEng (CP), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1999

Awards and honors

  • South African Institute of Architecture Category B – 2016 The Award for Research in Sustainability, 2016
  • University of Melbourne Teaching Excellence Award 2015, 2015
  • Deni Greene Award - For a professional who has shown outstanding courage in their work for sustainability, 2015
  • Faculty award for teaching excellence, 2015
  • National citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, 2015
  • City of Melbourne, 2007
  • Banksia Award (Darebin City Council), 2004
  • BHERT, 2003



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