PROF Fiona Haines

PROF Fiona Haines


  • Corporate and White Collar Crime (corporate crime, white-collar crime)
  • Globalization and Comparative Regulation (globalization, comparative regulation)
  • Regulation (regulation)



  • Fiona Haines PhD, BA (Hons) is Professor of Criminology in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne and Adjunct Professor at the Regulatory Institutions Network at ANU. Her research, which encompasses work on industrial disasters, grievances and multinational enterprises centres on white collar and corporate crime, globalisation and regulation. She is an internationally renowned expert in the area of regulation and compliance with published work in the area ranging from occupational health & safety and financial fraud to the impact of criminalisation of cartel conduct and most recently the challenges for regulation in the transformation of the National Electricity Market with the introduction of household solar PV and the capacity of new governance to resolve issues of human rights violations associated with the activities of multinational corporations. Much of this work is interdisciplinary and Professor Haines’ collaborates extensively with colleagues from political science, law, sociology and engineering. Her recent books include The Paradox of Regulation: what regulation can achieve and what it cannot (Edward Elgar, 2011) and Regulatory Transformations: Rethinking Economy Society Interactions , (Hart Publishing), 2015, co-edited with Bettina Lange and Dania Thomas. Her major current research projects include an analysis of how to hold multinational corporations accountable for human right's abuse, the social impact of coals seam gas exploration and rethinking regulation in an ecologically constrained world.   


Member of

  • Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Fellow 2016 -
  • Australian Risk Policy Institute. Member 2009 -
  • Law and Society Association (US). Member 2008 -
  • The Australian Sociological Association. Member 2008 -
  • Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology. Full Membership 1994 -


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Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 1995
  • BA (Hons), University of Melbourne 1990

Awards and honors

  • Award of the US Law and Society Association:, Law and Society Association International Prize, 2018
  • Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, 2016
  • Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in the PhD (Arts), University of Melbourne, 1996



Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • Professor Haines is available to supervise in the following areas: 

    • Corporate and white collar crime specifically in the areas of industrial disasters, occupational health and safety, financial crime, anti-competitive conduct, environmental crime
    • Regulation and Risk
    • Globalisation and the control of multi-national corporations
    • Political economy and the relationship between government and business