A/PROF John Rundell

A/PROF John Rundell


  • social theory, critical theory, contimental philosophy (modernity debates; imagination, normativity)



  • Associate Professor John Rundell biography.

    Associate Professor John Rundell studied sociology and philosophy at La Trobe University, gaining his PhD in Sociology in 1985. He taught in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Monash University from 1986 until joining the Ashworth Program for Social Theory at The University of Melbourne in 1993, and has been its Director since 1998. He is a former editor of the journal Thesis Eleven and a founding editor of Critical Horizons , and The Social and Critical Theory Book Series.

    John Rundell has published Origins of Modernity: The Origins of Modern Social Theory from Kant to Hegel to Marx and jointly edited Between Totalitarianism and Postmodernity (with Peter Beilharz and Gillian Robinson), Rethinking Imagination: Culture and Creativity (with Gillian Robinson), Culture and Civilization: Classical and Critical Readings (with Stephen Mennell), Blurred Boundaries: Migration, Ethnicity, Citizenship (with Rainer Bauboeck), Critical Theory After Habermas Encounters and Departures (with Dieter Freundlieb and Wayne Hudson), Contemporary Perspectives in Social and Critical Philosophy (with Danielle Petherbridge et al), Recognition, Work, Politics. New Directions in French Critical Theory (with Jean-Philippe Deranty, Danielle Petherbridge and Robert Sinnerbrink), and Aesthetics and Modernity Essays by Agnes Heller.

    He has published widely on the topic of multiple modernities, and problems of human self-images in social theory, with particular reference to the imagination, normativity and critical theory, and has an abiding interest in the works of Cornelius Castoriadis and Agnes Heller. He has been a Visiting Professorial Fellow at University College Dublin in the departments of Sociology and Philosophy, and has given papers at The New School for Social Research, New York, Joh   


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Education and training

  • BA, La Trobe University
  • PhD, La Trobe University


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