DR Bjorn Nansen

DR Bjorn Nansen


  • Broadband policy and adoption
  • Children's digital and mobile media
  • Digital death and commemoration
  • Digital interfaces and the Internet of Things
  • Family media and communications



  • Bjorn Nansen is a senior lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne. He is a member of the Research Unit in Public Cultures (RUPC) within the Faculty of Arts, and a member of the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces (SocialNUI) in the Faculty of Engineering.
    His research focuses on emerging and marginal forms of digital media use in everyday life, using a mix of ethnographic, participatory and digital methods. His current research projects explore changing home media infrastructures and environments, children’s mobile media and digital play practices, technologies for death and memorialising, and the digital mediation of sleep.   


Member of

  • Digital Games Research Association Australia (DiGRAA). Board member 2014 -
  • International Communications Association (ICA). member 2014 -
  • Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR). member 2013 -
  • ACM SIGCHI. Member 2012 -
  • Australian Communications Consumer Action Network. Member 2011 -
  • ARC Network in Human Communication Science. Member 2010 -
  • ARC Cultural Research Network. Member 2009 -
  • Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. Member 2009 -


Selected publications


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Additional Grant Information

  • 2017 ARC Discovery DP180103148, Disposal of the Dead: Beyond Burial and Cremation. CIs: Arnold, M, Kohn, T, Gibbs, M, Hallam, E, and Nansen, B. $292,000. 2018-2020. 2013 ARC Discovery DP140101871, Digital Commemoration. CIs: Arnold, M, Gibbs, M, Kohn, T, Nansen, B, and Hallam, E. $256,000. 2014-2106.

    2012 ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award DE130100735, Children’s Active Video Games: Family Perceptions, Uses and Negotiations. CI: Nansen, B. $365,000. 2013-2015.

    2012 Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) Grants Scheme, Death and the Internet: Consumer Issues for Planning and Managing Digital Legacies and Data. CIs: Gibbs, M, Arnold, M, Kohn, T, and Nansen, B. $51,492.

    2011 Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) Grants Scheme, High-Speed Broadband and Household Media Ecologies. CIs: Wilken, R, Arnold, M, Nansen, B, and Gibbs, R. $45,934.

    Internal Grants

    2012 Melbourne University Research Collaboration Grant, High-Speed Broadband and Home-Based Work. CIs: Arnold, M, Wilken, R, Gibbs, M, and Nansen, B. $20,000.

    Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES) Seed Funding Grant, Framing the NBN: Consumer Attitudes, Understandings and Perceptions. CIs: Gibbs, M, Arnold, M, Nansen, B, Wilken, R, and Coker, B. $49,991.

    2011 Melbourne University Research Office Seed Funding Grant, SeeCare IPTV: Personalized Health Literacy Demonstrator. CIs: Gray, Clarke, Nansen, Tidhar, Goodwin, Hagger. $48,000.

    2010 IBES Seed Funding Grant, Broadband in the Home: A Longitudinal Study. CIs: Arnold, M, Dave, B, Wilken, R, and Nansen, B. $40,091.

    Melbourne University Research Office Interdisciplinary Seed Funding Grant, Screen Stories and Community Connections: How can technology promote community social inclusion? CIs: Nansen, B, Gibbs, L, Chakraborty, K, and Vetere, F. $28,875.   


Education and training

  • PhD, University of Melbourne 2011
  • BA (Hons), University of Melbourne 2004
  • BA, Deakin University 2003

Awards and honors

  • Discovery early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Australian Research Council, 2012
  • Best Paper Award: OzCHI Open 24_7 Conference, November 2009, OZCHI, 2009
  • Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship, University Of Melbourne, 2005
  • Dwight Prize for Best Honours Student (awarded by the Department of English, University of Melbourne) 2004., University of Melbourne, 2004


Available for supervision

  • Y

Supervision Statement

  • I am available to supervise any PhD projects that align with my stated research interests.