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  • Ecological sustainability for urban and architectural design
  • Concepts of place and urbanity
  • Regulation of urban processes
  • Lefebvrian analysis of space



  • Darko Radovic has received his doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He has taught, researched and practised architecture and urbanism in Europe, Australia and Asia. His research focuses at situations where architecture and urban design overlap, where traditional 'architectural' and 'urban' scales blur, where social starts to acquire physical form. Darko's investigations of the concepts of urbanity and sustainable development focus at culturally and environmentally diverse contexts, contexts which exemplify, expose difference and offer encounter with the other. He argues that neither the path of ecological nor that of cultural sustainability can be undertaken separately, that environmental responsibility means cultural sensitivity, that cultural sustainability must include ecological awareness - and that there is no viable future without their harmonious synthesis. On that basis he has developed the concept of eco-urbanity, which is the main hub of his recent research activities (for details on recent activities see

    Over the last three years Darko guest-lectured in France, Japan, Serbia and Monte Negro, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and Vietnam. He has published in Europe, Australia and Asia. His research books include Green City (2005, Routledge/UNSW Press; with Low, Gleeson, Green); Urbophilia (2007 the University of Belgrade Public Art Public Space publishers), Cross-Cultural Urban Design (2007, Routledge, with Bull, Boontharm, Parin), Another Tokyo (2008, University of Tokyo and ichii Shobou). Eco-urbanity is due in 2008 (Routheldge).   


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